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XSPC RX360 Radiator

Posted May 25, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Liquid cooling in PCs is here to stay, and in recent years water cooling has become far more common. Today, a growing number of companies are manufacturing both pre-made kits and specialized components for the opposite ends of the product spectrum, and as a result there has been a glut of water cooling products pouring into the market (no pun intended, honest).  Products are now less expensive, safer, more compacts, better looking, and increasingly offer better performance as well.

Back in the 90’s we didn’t have many water cooling products available to us, and enthusiasts were forced to often fashion homemade solutions (mods); who here remembers using a big, ugly heater core from an automobile to dissipate heat from the hot old cranky Pentium processor?  Well those days are long gone despite the few that hold onto them for old times’ sake.

Today we are going to discuss modern heat exchangers for the PC.  The heat exchanger is more commonly known as a radiator. The radiator is a critical component in a water cooling setup, and we’re looking at one from XSPC cooling experts.

XSPC is no stranger to us in the water cooling community.  They are getting more recognition for their design and value performance products.  The company recently released the revision of RX360, the high performance radiator line.  And today we’re looking at it.

Thanks to XSPC for supplying the review sample.

"We released our first product the R120 radiator in 2004, the following year we released our X2O CPU Waterblock, Pump and Watercooling kit.  Since then we have released many award winning products covering all components of watercooling systems, most recently our RX360 full cover GPU waterblocks. All our products are designed for the PC enthusiast market where they are used by gamers and PC modders.  Over the past year our products have been proved very popular with boutique PC manufactures and in specialist areas like recording studio PC’s. We are constantly revising our products to improve performance."



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