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XSPC Razor R9 290/290X

Posted January 20, 2014 by Sandy Bruce in Cooling







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Hardware: ,
Release Date: Q4 '13
Price at time of Review: $134 USD


Appearance, Cooling Potential, Solid copper base, clear acetal cover for LED lighting,


Easy to cross thread fittings
Great appearance, full cover block, 100% copper base, outstanding cooling, ease of installations and competitive pricing makes the XSPC Razor R9- 290/290x and good choice for the water cooling enthusiast.
by Sandy Bruce
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With the release of the AMD R9 Hawaii series GPU came top notch single GPU gaming performance. The R9-290x quickly took the #1 spot in most reviews. However there was a universal gripe when it came to heat. The 290x packed 2816 stream processing units(cores) on a 438 mm²die, running at 1Ghz. This combination apparently was a recipe to reach epic load temperatures. While some of us were waiting for AMD partners to come up with after-market cooling solutions to correct this reported problem, XSPC went to work on an enthusiast class answer to the heat. The XSPC Razor 290/290x full cover water block was designed to provide the best cooling solution without having a large heatsink and the noise of air cooling. XSPC is known for providing great cost effective water cooling components for water cooling enthusiasts. We expect the Razor 290/290x to continue that trend. Let’s read on to find out if it does.




About XSPC

XSPC is a leading manufacturer of premium high-performance liquid cooling systems and components for your computer.

We started XSPC with one vision – water cooling components that don’t sacrifice reliability and offer superior performance.

Over 10 years later, XSPC continues to lead the market in custom liquid cooling solutions, delivering a complete range of cooling components worldwide.

Our award winning products continue to offer superior performance and ultimate cooling power, with proven product reliability.

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  • CNC machined copper base
  • 0.5mm fins for high performance
  • Active VRM cooling
  • Stainless steel top
  • Acrylic layer with 3mm LED holes
  • Brushed aluminium faceplate
  • Dimensions: 264 x 125 x 25mm
  • Prepared for Crossfire with 7 G1/4″ ports
  • Supports AMD R9 290X and 290 cards (AMD reference designs only)



    Yes getting these cards cooler is a good idea and it will be interesting to see how they perform when Mantle comes out but what I want to see is with water cooling how many more frames per second you could get in games with the R9 290 cards because it has been said there really isn’t much room for improvement with these when you oc. So basically you are watercooling it just to keep the card from having an early death in your system and keeping other components in the system from being killed. If that is the case the investment in the card in the first place and then water cooling components for it might not be the best idea.

      Sandy Bruce

      Not sure where you heard that from but basically everything is incorrect. Water cooling allows you to overclock even further then if it was air cooled. Since you can push the GPU and Memory harder you will gain in FPS and be able to crank up the level of detail while staying under the GPU TDP. The heat issue is a problem with single fan reference solutions. Many of the 3rd party cooling solutions like Vapor-X or Matrix ect have been able to knock off a good amount of the heat generated. Water cooling just takes it a leap further. Many of the cards with 3rd party coolers have been able to overclock them at the factory and make good gains vs the Reference models in FPS.


    Fan Speed and which fan model were used in the review ?

      Sandy Bruce

      Actually those were the fans that come with the Cooler Master Glacer 240l. Swiftech 240 Rad. Fans are PMW, controlled by the boards default settings. Based on sound I would guess they were spinning close to 1300rpms or so. Never got loud or spun up really fast. The bottom fan is a CM Jetflo 120mm.


    Will this work on the XFX Double Dissipation R9-290A-EDFD?

      Sandy Bruce

      I can not tell you that for sure. You will have to look at the compatibility listings CLICK HERE If your card is not shown submit a inquiry to XSPC. They will be more then happy to assist you.

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