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XSPC RayStorm CPU Water Block

Posted November 7, 2011 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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What immediately jumps out about the RayStorm is that it looks like a second-gen, sleeker version of the XSPC Rasa. That’s quite a compliment, as we were impressed by the Rasa in our CPU block roundup. The addition of black acetal against clear acrylic is quite a striking combination, but adding the blue LEDs makes for quite an audacious package. This aesthetic may not suit everyone’s preferences, but in our opinion, it would be a heckuva conversation piece in a windowed case.

Good looks will only get you so far though, as performance is what really makes or breaks a water block. And the RayStorm performed admirably, beating most other top blocks on the market, and coming second, a bit behind the class leader Koolance CPU-370 block by only 0.5°C.

Installing the block is not complicated but it’s not the easiest out there. It’s not particularly cumbersome, so doing it once isn’t much hassle, and we can’t really complain. Just be careful with the LED wiring and connectors, as they are fairly rigid.

The final consideration comes down to price. Great performance is one thing, but what about price? Seeing the RayStorm runs about $65, this is an outstanding value for what you get in the package in terms of aesthetics and performance. There aren’t any bonuses included here, and no fancy options, but that only drives up the cost from what we’ve seen on other products. Ideally, nickel plating for the copper base to avoid oxidation would be on our wishlist. That said, we’re nitpicking. The bottom line is the XSPC RayStorm is not only a worthy successor to the Rasa, but also one of the very best overall blocks on the market.

The Pure Point: The XSPC RayStorm achieves an impressive balance of excellent performance, sleek aesthetics, and outstanding value.

XSPC RayStorm



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