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XSPC Rasa CPU Water Block

Posted June 30, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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There’s no surprise about the Rasa’s performance when I first saw its pin-matrix design; it’s very similar to the Swiftech Apogee XT block which came in a very close second in temperature results.  We did note the Rasa came out ahead by a very small margin, and in a normal, daily setup you probably won’t notice the performance difference between these two micro pin-matrix blocks.  However, the Rasa did show less flow restriction than the Apogee XT, which bodes well for using the Rasa in a multiple block configuration if you wish to go that route.  The other blocks have better flow than the Rasa but that didn’t translate into better temperatures though, at least not in a single block setup.

There are really only a few very minor issues we can note with the XSPC Rasa. The first is that AMD users will have to wait for compatible mounting hardware to be released, so that?s a bit of a bummer for the Phenom faithful. The other is there are no barbs included here, so you?re on your own to get those separately, though that?s not a unique situation for most blocks on the market. Lastly, a subjective note in our part: while the Rasa is a brand new block, the aesthetics look a bit dated in our opinion when compared to a few other high-end CPU blocks we?ve seen lately. Mind you, aesthetics are a personal preference, so it?s up to you whether you agree or not. And certainly this doesn?t hurt the performance as we?ve seen.

In terms of price, the MSRP is ?44.99 ($66USD), and frankly, that is an excellent value for what you get. We did manage to find the Rasa for a street price of under $60 at an American online retailer, and that is one heckuva deal no question.

XSPC has produced a winner here in the Rasa, showcasing great quality, top performance, and excellent value, making it a top dog on our CPU water block list.




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