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XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 Water Cooling Kit

Posted December 7, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The Block

While the Rasa block is available in a chromed or black version as a standalone CPU block, the 750 kit features the black version. Several of its design characteristics are similar to some other current CPU blocks available on the market today. One example is the block’s universal Intel mounting bracket that uses a circular opening to interlock with the Acetal top and attached by four black hex-screws. The Rasa supports both Intel and AMD motherboards and it’s pre-assembled with Intel universal hold-down bracket, and other mounting hardware for multiple sockets is also included.

Another similarity is the block mounting method. The 50x50x3mm copper base is machined flat and polished to a mirror finish, attaching the base to the Acetal top with four countersunk screws. This is the most common mounting method for the most current CPU blocks that we have seen and tested in the past couple of years.

Now let’s take a look at Rasa’s internal design. Starting with the copper base, it features over 1200 minutely-sized 0.25mm micro pin-matrix. Again, we’ve seen this design as well. However, rather than cutting the pins from left to right and top to bottom, it receives 45° diagonal perpendicular cuts. The cuts are precise and clean, no pins are missing or burn marks from CNC milling.

Now it’s time to dissect the water flow path. The inlet port is located directly right at the center of the block and the outlet port is offset to the side. However, this port location would normally prevent the use of oversized fittings, so XSPC placed the ports further apart to the sides, which run in parallel side-by-side. They are spaced far enough to accommodate any size of fitting.

A water chamber is bored out from the side of inlet port to the center of the block. This water chamber re-directs the coolant toward to the center opening of the block and is forced around the pin-matrix and toward to outer edge of the block and ultimately gathering at the outlet port.

Water ports are marked as “In” and “Out”. This will help you to eliminate any novice mistakes when setting up the water loop. As for the mounting mechanism, the Rasa uses thumb bolt screws for Intel motherboards. The first knob is for tightening the bolt screw onto the backplate and the tension spring knob is used to apply pressure to the hold-down bracket to secure the block.

Let’s take a look at the pump and reservoir next.

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