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XSPC Photon 270 Glass Tube Reservoir Review

Posted July 31, 2013 by Kenny in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: FronzenCPU.com for $64.99


Internal baffle which solved Cyclonic and Vertex effect, port spacing, Non-staining Glass


Mounting Solution, Size (can be subjective)
Aesthetically pleasing reservoir for the price, the quality, fit and feel of the Photon 270 is the best we have seen in terms of tube reservoirs.
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by Kenny
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When getting a new CPU for you system build, the first thought used to be “which heatsink and fan am I going to use?” but today, that thought process has changed and years ago, adding water cooling to your PC was a risky task. However, the traditional paradigm has been shifting in PC cooling over the last few years. Today’s modern cooling technology has taken several leaps forward in advancement. Because of this we are seeing more and more PC builders using water cooling as your every day cooling solution. Water cooling has proven to be a reliable and easy solution to help keep your hottest processors and graphics cards cooler.

Today we are going to be looking at water cooling manufacturer XSPC. XSPC has been in the cooling business for over ten years and has built a positive reputation for itself. They continue to lead the market in custom liquid cooling solutions, delivering a complete range of cooling components worldwide. On our test bench, we have XSPC’s new glass tube reservoir called the Photon 270.

As we move forward, we are going to fully explore the XSPC Photon 270 Tube Reservoir and share our experience and impressions. Can the Photon 270 Tube Reservoir from XSPC live up to their previous reputation? Read on to find out.

Let’s continue here and take a look at the package and contents.




    How thick is the glass? Does it seem brittle or is it more of a borosilicate glass such as Pyrex?
    Is the light bar a tube or a solid cylinder? I’m wondering how it may interact with the fill port on top and if it may be possible to mount another LED so there’s one at each end.
    I really like the o-ring mount for the LED as other brands tell you to secure the LED with glue or silicone rubber. With an o-ring you can easily switch out different colored LED’s, which is very nice.
    I think I’ll have to try one of these. There should be no problem with size in my Corsair 900D case.
    XSPC, you’ve turned out to be an excellent watercooling device manufacturer. Keep up the good work!

      cory norris

      It is not thin glass at all it has a very sturdy yet quality type glass. I just got mine a week ago.Although i wouldn’t try it, it could probably handle some minor drops. As well glass in technicality has better sound proof qualities than acrylic and i can definitely tell the look difference and feel.

        Sandy Bruce

        You are correct. I have the one used in this review. It is thick and solid. No worries about it cracking unless you do something really stupid with it. Love the way the light travels in it.


    Hi there looking at buying one of these. What are the threads like for the fittings are they very strong? As they are meant to be plastic I wouldn’t want to thread them.


      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for taking the time to read our review. At the time of testing we didn’t notice anything out of place on the threads of the port. Infact, the ports were rather sturdy. You shouldn’t have any issues with tightening down your fittings. However, as with all plastic products, don’t use too much force and you will be ok.

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