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XSPC H1 “Hive” Cube+ Extreme Enclosure

Posted September 29, 2012 by Deton in Cases & PSU







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Release Date: Currently available.
Price at time of Review: $499.95


Craftsmanship, quality brushed aluminum, roomy.


Expensive, no front I/O panel or USB 3.0, 5.25" bay covers are optional and must be purchased separately.
It's a pricey case but you get what you pay for; this case can swallow up to five 120mm radiators without modding.
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by Deton
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In terms of size, the H1 Cube+ is like a bare-bones closed-in tech station. It is the size of two mid-towers combined, and is very spacious and easy to work with. However, due to the horizontal configuration of the motherboard tray, it’s a tad challenging with the cable management, but that shouldn’t really deter you that much. This enclosure is so large it has a net weight of 20.5lbs (9.3kg) but it can balloon over 50Ibs with all the water cooling gears installed. Thankfully, this little “Humvee” has wheels so you can zoom it around easily.

As for quality, the craftsmanship of the Cube+ is A1, and the precision in the design is apparent. All of the panels are perfectly fitted, and the satin brushed aluminum is awesome, despite the mishap with the quality control of the one 5.25” bracket.

Since the H1 Cube+ is not the typical sort of case, it’s definitely not for everyone, even if you are a water cooling enthusiast. There are some considerations that you should think about before you pull out your wallet. Its price tag is steep. At $500, some may find its features a bit lacking. It has no fancy front Mic or Speaker jacks, nor does it have any USB ports (USB 2.0 or 3.0) or any covers for the 5.25” bays.

Also, if you don’t have enough devices to occupy all the eight bays, then you may have to dish out another $6.00 for each additional cover. Also, the H1 Cube+ will claim up to 24 square-inches of your floor space. Additionally, even though the Cube+ has the flexibility to accommodate any hardware, it does have its limitations. Due to no internal frame structure there is no suitable area to use pipe reservoirs or any other shapes of reservoirs longer than 150mm, without modding the case or finding some sort of special mounting bracket. Consequently, all the above will contribute to the overall cost of the system build.

To make this case perfect, here is our wish list for the H1 Cube+. It would be nice to see the enclosure include the front I/O and USB 3.0 ports. Today’s cheap $60 cases have this, then why can’t this case include it for the price-tag of five bills? Second, we would love to see them include some removable 5.25” brackets, or at least include some small thumbscrews that we can use for the 5.25” bay devices.


Despite these relatively minor issues, the H1 Cube+ is still a fantastic case for the high-end water-cooled PC. Even folks who want to use air-cooling, but need the extra space this case provides will not be disappointed. The ample space and ventilation provides plenty of good air flow for all hardware.

Overall I had a pleasurable experience working with the XSPC H1 Cube+. Its price is a bitter pill to swallow, but I have to admit it has all the space for you to stuff all your hardware without a hitch. At the end of the day, I would recommend the XSPC H1 Cube+ to anyone who needs the extra space and has no budget. The case is also perfect if you want to use more than two triple radiators or two separate water cooling systems in your setup. Even though this case is designed for a specific category of buyers, people who fall into that category will not be disappointed. For that reason, The XSPC H1 Cube+ earns our PureOC Great Hardware award.

XSPC H1 Cube+ Extreme Enclosure



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