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XSPC EX360 Radiator

Posted November 23, 2011 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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In PC water cooling family, the radiator is kind of like the ugly cousin; doesn’t get much attention, isn’t terribly glamorous, and isn’t as sexy as the water blocks getting all the love. But like a great wingman, a radiator makes all the difference when trying to score the best water cooling setup for your system.

As the year 2011 winds down, we often see a bit of a lull before things start to pick up again at CES early in January. But that certainly hasn’t stopped XSPC from continuing to bring new products to market, as we recently saw with the excellent RayStorm CPU water block. The RayStorm isn’t the only new product from XSPC, as we have a look at their latest in the realm of high performance radiators: the EX360.

According to XSPC, the EX360 is a high performance radiator that has a slim profile. Typically we find these rads can’t match the big boys on the market, but we’re determined to find out if that’s true or not. Can the XSPC EX360 impress us? Grab a seat and let’s find out.

"XSPC released our first product the R120 radiator in 2004, the following year we released our X2O CPU Waterblock, Pump and Watercooling kit. Since then we have released many award winning products covering all components of watercooling systems, most recently our EX360 full cover GPU waterblocks. All our products are designed for the PC enthusiast market where they are used by gamers and PC modders. Over the past year our products have been proved very popular with boutique PC manufactures and in specialist areas like recording studio PC’s. We are constantly revising our products to improve performance."



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