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XSPC DDC Photon 170 Reservoir/Pump Combo – Review

Posted July 8, 2014 by Sandy Bruce in Cooling


Release Date: Q2 2014, NOW
Price at time of Review: $150


Quality, Near Silent, Head Pressure, Price


Can not run intake to top of Photon, Limited on in\outlet orientation.
The benefits are now more users can accommodate the DDC Photon combo and gain a bit of head pressure by using a DDC vs the D5(4.7m vs 3.7m). This is a good trade off in many scenarios.
by Sandy Bruce
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XSPC has been known to bring attractive product to the market usually at an equally attractive price tag. These two factors have made them very popular over the last few years. Radiators, reservoirs, tubing and fittings all were released with a good amount of fanfare. None of those came close to the buzz created by the Photon D5 combo. The sturdy glass Photon was already an instant success and combining it with a strong D5 pump sent a strong message to everyone: XSPC has great minds at work. The sticking point was the overall size left some out in the cold wishing for a combo setup that could fit in the smaller chassis.

Ok folks, we are here today to finally silence those that have been complaining, wishing or requesting loudly to XSPC after they released the combo Photon D5 Reservoir . You got your wish! XSPC decided to follow up the incredibly popular Photon D5 with a sought after DDC version. This will make many people happy, including me as I have been working on a lot of small systems lately. The smaller size, good head pressure and sturdy stain resistant glass has me excited to see what it can do and how well it can fit into a beloved small form factor case. Let us get started then.

About XSPC


XSPC is a leading manufacturer of premium high-performance liquid cooling systems and components for your computer.

We started XSPC with one vision – water cooling components that don’t sacrifice reliability and offer superior performance.

Over 10 years later, XSPC continues to lead the market in custom liquid cooling solutions, delivering a complete range of cooling components worldwide.

Our award winning products continue to offer superior performance and ultimate cooling power, with proven product reliability.

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    The Photon DOES allow you to run the top port as a standard inlet.

    XSPC sell the appropriate adapter fitting which I have purchased (along with an extra plug for the unused inlet at the bottom) to use with my 170 DDC.

      Sandy Bruce

      We do not review parts based on buying extra components to make it work in some other fashion other than stock. That does very little to help someone judge a singular product on its own standings. An auto review site doesn’t judge a car based on which paint you personally opted to put on it. So we don’t review a product based on spending extra money on a part (that may not be available at the time of the review) everyone will not need or want? Stock it DOES NOT allow you to run the top port as a STANDARD inlet. One of the main points of XSPC switching the Photon to a DDC pump was to reduce the overall height/length(orientation) to fit into smaller systems. Adding connectors to the top erases the advantage of buying the DDC Photon. That would take it back to the size of the D5 version. Thank you for reading PureOC Drew! Stick around we have some really exciting things going on next week!

      Darri8n Hommel

      Thanks for that reply man… I just got this and wanted to know if in fact I could use that as an intake.. I also bought the M20 to G1/4 fitting reducer that you are speaking about…


    I bought the AX240 with the combo Photon D5 Reservoir. My glass reservoir
    cracked and I would like to know if I can just buy a new reservoir and move
    my D5 from the cracked reservoir to a new one ???

    Ive written to XSPC and the place I purchased it with no answer back in
    several days, and Im afraid to just order something that may not work.

    Thanks for Your help with this.

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