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XSPC AX360 Radiator

Posted September 6, 2012 by Deton in Cooling







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Sleek robust design with the kick-ass performance for its class.


Copper discoloration and solder exposing. Personal taste may vary
A new King-of-the-hill heat exchanger for this class.
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by Deton
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We don’t often write enough reviews on PC water cooling heat exchangers. Often referred to as radiators or rads. However when an intriguing product surfaces on the market, we will jump on it. In this article we will be talking about the new AX360 slim profile high performance radiator from XSPC. The water cooling pioneer has a long reputation of producing solid performing products at exceptional prices. The company has stepped up to the plate in recent years to unleash some very nice water cooling gear such as the Raystorm CPU water block, D5 Bay Reservoir series and high-end water cooling enclosures for the die-hard fans. The AX360 should be a welcome addition in a long line of great products.

The AX series comes in two flavors based on the aesthetics. One is a bare-bones copper with silver jacket and the other comes in a complete matte black anodized look. Unlike other conventional radiators, the AX360 heat exchanger core can be removed from its aluminum housing. Hmmm… a removable core sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Read on to find out more.

“We released our first product the R120 radiator in 2004, the following year we released our X20 CPU waterblock, pump and watercooling kit. Since then we have released many award winning products covering all components of watercooling systems, most recently our RX360 full cover GPU water blocks. All our products are designed for the PC enthusiast market where they are used by gamers and PC modders. Over the past year our products have been proved very popular with boutique PC manufactures and in specialist areas like recording studio PC’s. We are constantly revising our products to improve performance.”




    With fans mounted, I don’t imagine small discolorations on the copper will be noticed unless you’re really close and looking for them.


    Hmm, we are talking generally about 1 Degree Temperature difference. Only different one is AMS, which is Aquacomputer Airlex Modularity System, which costs significantly more and much worse Flow.

    Well, I think Ax series is not bad, and I don’t think copper discoloration does matter, because other rads are mostly black, so for me it seems it not fair to compare like this unless its black version is messed up.(well AMS is also raw copper, but YEAY skyrocket cost!)

    But Its problem is lack of water hole. At least I want to see an extra water port. the tap is really helpful when I manage my waterloop. For example, when I want to exchange coolant, I need to take the coolant out from my loop, but water inside rad do not come out easily without extra port slightly opened for air hole.
    Extra port also give some freedom to change my loop.


      XSPC has multiple port rad but it’s EX not AX thought.

      AMS quality is way way better, it doesn’t have solder joins. It’s true the AMS is very restrictive flow but its performance still kick any rads out of the water in its class. Look at the chart carefully again, look at medium to slow speed, it beats most rad by at least 2°C that say a lot how power the rad is.

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