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XION Predator AXP 970

Posted October 13, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Building a new system or upgrading your current system a new chassis just might be on your To Do list. So, once you have settled on your new motherboard, video cards, power supply, hard drives, CPU cooler, and so forth, you’ll need a case that will not only house these new heat producing components but it must also be able to keep them as cool as possible to protect those upgrades. And lets don’t forget aesthetics, of course it has to fit your personality and look great too.

Some things we must consider when choosing a case? Well, a critical item as far as the internal components go is that the flagship graphics cards from NVidia and ATI can be as extremely long and must physically fit into the case. And what about cooling? How many countless CPU coolers are a tight fit inside so many of today’s cases? Well, today we have the chance to look at a case from XION to find out if it can avoid those issues or provide a strong option in a large sea of cases on the market.

XION has released their latest Predator Gaming Series mid-tower case, the AXP970, bringing some new features such as the Hot-Swap enabled front loading trays for easy hard drive installation and removal. The new base will accommodate video cards up to 350mm in length, such as the HD5970. XION has added several enticing features here as well, and it comes with a very attractive price tag of $80. Let’s examine this new chassis from XION and see just what it can bring to consumers.

XION, Established since 2002, a dedicated PC Cases and Component Manufacturer targeting to deliver quality products and satisfactory support to the general and particular consumers. Our team made of Professional experienced Sales, Technicians, and Engineers, who has been in the industry for more than 20 years are to serve, sell, and support quality products all over North America, South America, and Europe. Furthermore, XION teams are to promise to bring more exiting and unsurpassed products and support to consumers all over the globe on the coming years.


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    nice looking case, I like the hot swap drives.
    Dual hot swap comes in handy for people who buy two cases & mirror the drives.

    Have one case at work, one at home – so you can move very large files securely. Maybe things you work on, can’t just be left in the office over the weekend.

    Good for building a mini workstation, or gaming rig, where you need big block graphics & a real CPU.

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