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Xigmatek S983 Nepartak

Posted May 26, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The Xigmatek S983 Nepartak continues in the HDT technology tradition, a design that we’ve seen to be extremely effective for cooling efficiency when used in a tower-style setup. An interesting observation here is that even with the smaller 92mm fan, this little cooler does an exceptional job at keeping a massively overclocked Core i7 under control, coming out ahead of all other competitors that feature a small form.

The backplate installation of the Nepartak is a wise choice by Xigmatek, as it’s likely preferred by most people over the antiquated push pin system, and the nimble fan grommets make the entire process straightforward and quick. The Nepartak is available at online retailers for about $30 USD if you search around, offering the best price among our competitors in today’s comparison and outstanding price-to-performance results. In fact, it’s the least expensive Core i7 1366 cooler we could find online, and it comes with a fan already included.

While the larger 120mm fan HDT coolers may garner more attention, there is a large market for consumers that cannot afford top-end heatsinks that cost more than twice as much in many instances. Nor does everyone need a huge cooler for massive overclocks, not to mention having the ability to fit such behemoths into a smaller mid-tower or even a micro-tower for that matter. The Xigmatek Nepartak shatters those notions, offering consumers some very serious cooling horsepower in a deceptively compact form.

Showcasing a superb combination of performance and price in a small form factor, the Xigmatek Nepartak is the best 92mm Core i7 air cooler we’ve tested to date. Factor in that it’s also the least expensive and a breeze to install, and we’re left with product that is nothing short of outstanding.


Xigmatek S983 Nepartak

Our thanks go to Xigmatek for providing the Nepartak for this review.



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