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Xigmatek Dark Knight – 1366

Posted March 3, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The Xigmatek S-1283V Dark Knight continues in the HDT technology tradition, a design that we’ve seen is extremely effective for cooling efficiency when used in a tower-style setup. An interesting observation here is that we’ve also seen that the performance difference between a 3 or 4 heatpipe configuration is virtually non-existent, meaning a slimmer profile can be achieved with just 3 heatpipes without adversely affecting performance. The Xigmatek takes advantage of that, sporting a very slim design that boasts excellent air cooling performance.

The slim design is also complemented by the gorgeous aesthetics of the Dark Knight; the black nickel finish is stunning, and the dark fan highlighted by soft white LEDs completes the picture. In a market where the next big thing either features garish and overdone "bling" or forms that are just plain weird, the Dark Knight is a refreshing departure from the clichéd notions that ostentatious design somehow equals efficient cooling.

The backplate installation of the Dark Knight is a wise choice by Xigmatek, as it’s likely preferred by most people over the antiquated push pin system, and the nimble fan grommets make the entire process straightforward and quick. The Dark Knight is available at online retailers for $40 USD, offering the best price among our competitors in today’s comparison. In fact, it’s the least expensive Core i7 1366 cooler we could find online, and it comes with a fan already included.

Showcasing a superb combination of aesthetics, performance, and price, the Xigmatek Dark Knight is not only the sleekest cooler we’ve probably ever seen, but it also offers the best Core i7 air cooling performance we’ve tested to date. Factor in that it’s the least expensive 1366 cooler on the market, and we’re left with product that is sublime in every critical consumer aspect, and is nothing short of outstanding.


Xigmatek S-1283V Dark Knight

Our thanks go to Xigmatek for providing the Dark Knight for this review.



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