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Xigmatek Gigas

Posted August 5, 2012 by Kenny in Cases & PSU







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Price at time of Review: $149.99


Light Weight, well built with solid panels, Open layout design, Hard Drive Capacity


Installation needs careful planning, Aluminum surface scratches easily
The Xigmatek Gigas has an intriguing design and good looks, but does its build quality and ease of use match its attractiveness? Click on the full review to find out!
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by Kenny
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To wrap things up on the Xigmatek Gigas HTPC/Gaming Chassis review, it is nice to see that Xigmatek is joining the fray to compete for the small form factor market share. The growing demand of HTPC and small form factor builds has really forced many manufacturers to step up their game in this area. Xigmatek really did a great job on their Gigas HTPC/small form factor chassis line. The attractive single solid panel design sets them apart from the traditional chassis we normally see. The finishing of the panels are a nice brushed metal and have a solid feel. One thing that we need to mention is that it does leave markings easily. During installation of the hardware we did slip a few times and marks were visable on the finish. However, its not enough to draw us away from the solid construction of the chassis and a few wipes with some cleaner and it was gone.

During our build experience with this chassis it was nice to see they have kept with the times on the features and have gone above and beyond on the finishing touches. The USB 3.0 on the front panel along with including a 3 fan controller was a real plus. We are seeing this as a popular feature among most chassis manufactures and Xigmatek was no exception here.

Overall, this chassis was easy to work with. However you do need to carefully plan your hardware so you don’t run into problems. The layout may cause some clearance issues with certain components if not thought out ahead of time. Fitting a large, full size graphics card was no problem as you saw in our build. In-fact we had some room to spare. Also, fitting a closed looped CPU cooler was also done with ease and had no clearance issues. There is one caveat, however. If you are using tall CPU coolers, you may encounter some problems with one of the hard drive cages. The popularity of custom water cooling is on a rise, and for those who want to be brave, we believe you can even put a complete custom full loop water cooling build together with the right components. This would take some careful planning but Xigmatek did a great job with the open layout design to make that possible.

Xigmatek did a excellent job on this chassis. With the features and build quality, they really hit the mark. This Chassis is priced right around $150 at local e-tailers, which may be a little on the high side. However looking at the quality there is no compromise here. As most PC Enthuisist’s would say, “You have to pay to play”. This chassis was no except to that, and fits right in with other higher end products. The Xigmatek Gigas HTPC/Gaming Chassis easily gets the Pure Overclock Great Hardware Review.


Xigmatek Gigas HTPC/Gaming Chassis


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