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Xclio Nighthawk

Posted March 4, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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We have reviewed a considerable number of cases from various manufacturers, and today we’re breaking new ground of sorts as we’ll be looking at our first case from Xclio. This is the first time that we have had the opportunity to review a chassis from the Xclio Company.  If you take a look at their site you will see they offer a number of cases by size and with some interesting styles and lighting effects as well as power supplies, fans, and coolers.

The Xclio Nighthawk claims many great features and performance at a mid-range price tag $80 USD.  The Nighthawk is targeted to both gamers and enthusiasts that are looking for an attractive case with many features.   Xclio has a considerable amount of competition in a market that is saturated with literally several hundred other mid-tower cases, so we are wondering what the Nighthawk brings to the table in terms of uniqueness, performance, features, or quality, tell-tale characteristics of a successful case (or not).

With so many manufacturers releasing an increasing number of computer chassis on a much more frequent basis the standards have increased greatly.  Computer cases have become a critical system component, and the days of “just give me something to install my system in” are long gone.  Users are far more discerning in terms of styling and functionality, while also demanding good value for their money. 

Thanks go to Xclio for supplying the review sample.

XCLIO’s philosophy on designing cases is one of simplicity and practicality. XCLIO design group combines the expertise and ideas from designers locally and aboard. Our designs are verified against guidelines from the CE/FCC testing lab, temperature-testing lab, noisy testing lab, so we can achieve Simplicity and Practicality, Unique Designs, Super Quiet, Absolutely heat sink, Worldwide safety regulations so our customers receive the best product design and unique options available in the market.




    I think there’s a crucial feature you guys are missing on. This case’s front is made entirely of viable 5.25″ slots (9 of them). It’s actually the only one with this feature I could find on newegg (that isn’t butt-ugly).You could install 2 or 3 SATA hot-swap backplanes and you could house up to 15 3.5″ HDDs in the most compact room possible with basically no modification. Hell, if you use 2.5″ drives you could go up to 18. Sure there would be power/cooling issues to work on, but that would make a killer NAS/RAID home server case, very compact cheaper and withouth the bulkiness of a rack-mount server. Don’t you think?


      That’s a great point Hyper, excellent ideas there. You could have a heckuva rig with a setup like that.

      Thanks for the feedback and ideas!

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