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Watercool HTSF2 – Heat Transformer

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Posted December 16, 2013 by Deton in Cooling


Release Date: Current widely available.
Price at time of Review: Retail $129.95


Precision craftsmanship, quality, sexy and excellent performer.


Protruding bare-bone brass connections
HTSF2 3x120 LT is a heat killer and has outstanding quality even though the port connections aren't the best eye-candy. It should definitely be on your short list.
by Deton
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In the forum, we often get asked – “what is the best water cooling block?” – but we seldom get asked about the radiator. For as much attention and dedication as water blocks have been given throughout the years, the radiator (heat exchanger) has sat as a dark horse and unheralded system component. Yet, of course, it is a necessary part of the whole cooling system. Luckily times have changed. In the last few years we’ve seen some glamorous high quality build radiators surface on the market.

Watercool has a well-earned reputation for manufacturing top notch water cooling products for enthusiasts. The Heatkiller water block series provide one of the best water blocks available from the German water cooling pioneer. Today we are going to focus more on their HTSF2 heat exchanger to see how it compares to their excellent water block series. The HTSF2 stands for Heat-Transformer and the number 2 represents version two. Watercool offers two flavors for the HTSF2 series; the LT and LTX. These are available in single (120mm), dual (240mm) triple (360mm), and even in quad (480mm) size.

We have the HTSF2 3×120 LT in our water-cooling lab and we’re ready to put it through some rigorous tests to see if its performance is as good as its glamorous aesthetics.

HTSF2 360 LT


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