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Water Cooling vs Thermoelectric: CoolIT Freezone Elite

Posted May 15, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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To some people, liquid cooling for the PC is viewed as something exotic, perhaps even a bit "weird". But to those who are familiar with it and perhaps even swear by the technology, it’s seen as essential. In fact, it does remain as one of the very best, and most accessible, thermal cooling solutions for computer enthusiasts, and particularly those who are dedicated overclockers.  Every year we see more and more water cooling kits being introduced into the mainstream market, and thankfully they are getting better and more advanced with new technology implemented. As we witnessed in our review of the Domino A.L.C., it’s a basic self-contained water cooler that performed very well for the price.

While that product may be fine for the average consumer, custom water cooling solutions are the way to go for those who are more serious about their cooling demands. However, things start to get really interesting when words like "thermoelectric" and "Peltier" are tossed around certain forums. There’s nothing quite like a good H20 vs TEC debate to get the blood pumping and bring out the passion in enthusiasts. Well, today we’ve decided to tackle that debate head-on. We’re going to pit one of the pre-eminent thermoelectric cooling solutions, the CoolIT Freezone Elite, straight up against a custom water cooling kit, both on a juiced-up Quad Core CPU.

First we’ll delve into the technology behind the Freezone Elite, take a good look at it, and then run it through some paces before we unleash it in the Title Match against a beefy Swiftech water setup. Oh, we can hear the trash talking already, and boy do we love this stuff.

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