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VIZO Master Panel II

Posted July 3, 2009 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Overall, I was quite surprised with the number of connections VIZO has managed to squeeze into the front of the case, but the device looks to be rather cluttered as a result as it tries to include something for everyone, but in so doing it becomes overdone.  There are a few design issues; namely the short-depth frame that makes for a loose connection against the front bezel of your case, and the huge amount of cables to deal with once installed.  The quality is average, slightly on the cheap side, which isn’t entirely surprising for a drive bay add-on. 

Retailing for about $36 USD, the VIZO Master Panel II is comparable in price to other single-use type of controllers or card readers. Considering you get a bunch more connectivity options, it appears to be a good price. It’s no aesthetic champion though, lacking any sort of digital display, but it is an interesting product in that it brings a huge range of connectivity to the table, though it may be a bit too much of a good thing, as it were.  There are better card readers on the market, and better audio panels, but those are limited by their decidated use.  If you want something specific like that, you’re best off going that route.  But if you don’t mind dealing with a mess of cables and aren’t picky about things and just want a boatload of connection options, then the Viso Master Panel II might do the trick.


VIZO Master Panel II

Thanks go to VIZO for providing the Master Panel II for this review.



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