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VisionTek Ultimate 8GB DDR3-1600

Posted October 1, 2011 by Jake in RAM



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by Jake
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VisionTek is a company probably best known for producing graphics cards, but they’ve branched out into other component areas such as power supplies, network cards, and TV Tuner cards. Apparently not content to stop there, VisionTek has now jumped into the memory market as well with the launch of the Ultimate series memory.

Memory is probably one of the most volatile markets that a company can enter, especially when we start to drop names like Kingston, Crucial, VisionTek, and Corsair. We know that OCZ exited the memory arena not long ago, so does that mean VisionTek is looking to pick up the slack marketshare? Can their product compete in the PC marketplace with enthusiasts like us? Let’s find out.

VisionTek is a leading supplier of PC enhancement products to retailers and Consumers. Based out of East Dundee, IL, VisionTek brings the most innovative and best performing products to the PC enthusiast consumer market and further committed to exemplary customer service and support for all of our products. VisionTek’s award winning brand has been a leader for years and continues to set the standard for excellence in the market. VisionTek products can be found at leading retailers, distributors, PC system builders and e-commerce sites in North America, you may be able to find great coupons on websites like Raise to get a great discount on your purchase. 

Specifications and Package

Here are the specifications of the VisionTek Ultimate 8GB DDR3-1600 Dual Channel memory kit:

  • PC3-12800 DDR3 240 Pin DIMM – 1600MHz
  • Available 2GB and 4GB, Single Channel, Dual Channel, Triple Channel 1.65V – CL8 and CL9
  • Heat Spreader available in High Performance Gaming or Very Low Profile

VisionTek modules come in a red and black colour scheme we typically see associated with their products. Inside the box are plastic clam shells covering each module, easy to open.

Closer Look

The design and aesthetics of VisionTek’s modules are very nicely presented in an all-black theme, which will work with any system build. These modules are also surprisingly heavy which is a reflection of the beefy heatsinks. This particular set has the tall heatsinks, but VisionTek also offers a low profile version as well. Seems a bit odd there would be a low profile version since that essentially changes the product significantly. Perhaps it might have been better to market them as two different products entirely, and reach a broader audience?



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