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VisionTek Ultimate 6GB DDR3-1866

Posted November 3, 2011 by Jake in RAM







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by Jake
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VisionTek has been known for consistency and quality in each segment of their business from graphic cards, network cards, power supplies, and now memory. As we saw in our past VisionTek review of dual channel Ultimate Memory, VisionTek has a performance winner.

The VisionTek modules performed very well in our benchmark suite, scaling nicely and exhibiting very good overclocking results. We reached 2040MHz which may not be king of the hill but it’s not far off for 1866Mhz memory with the X58 platform. We were even able to tighten the timings at 1866MHz to CL9 which is really awesome. Aesthetically, the black heatsinks look great in any rig, but would look killer with any black/red colour motherboard. There really is no negative in the looks or performance of these modules.

As of late, DDR3 prices have dropped considerably. And availability may be somewhat of a downside here, as we could only find the modules at Amazon. However, at a price point of $69 this is terrific; these modules are really aggressively priced for 1866MHz memory. The aesthetics are sleek, the performance is excellent, and if VisionTek continues this trend, they could be a serious player in the memory market.

Visiontek may be new to the memory business, and being the small fish in the pond isn’t an easy task. But we think while these modules may be understated, they have the bite of a shark.

VisionTek Ultimate Performance 6BB DDR3-1866



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