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VisionTek Radeon R9-280X

Posted November 2, 2013 by Sandy Bruce in Video Cards







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Release Date: Now
Specifications: • Graphics Engine: RADEON R9 280X • Video Memory: 3GB GDDR5 • Memory Interface: 384-bit • DirectX® Support: 11.2 • Bus Standard: PCI Express 3.0 • Core Speed: 850MHz (1000Mhz boost) • Memory Speed: 1500MHz x4 (6Gbps) • VGA Output: (using DVI to VGA adapter) • DVI Output: DL DVI-I • HDMI Output: HDMI (video/audio) • DisplayPort Output: 2x mini DisplayPort • UEFI ready: Support • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Price at time of Review: $299


Price, Performance, Expandability, Adaptability and a Lifetime Warranty


Rear support of the card is a bit weak, temps a bit high, Didn't include a mini DisplayPort adapter
VisionTek Radeon R9-280X doesn't have the flashy box, doesn't have some special name for its cooling solution and doesn't have some crazy color theme. It has functionality. It does exactly what it was meant to do: play games at higher resolutions.
by Sandy Bruce
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Low temps were measured after the system booted and remained idle for 10 minutes. Max temps were measured under the “Worse Case” scenario by running Heaven 4.0 windowed twice in a row. The Temps in Heaven were verified by having Trix running on the side. It would be a rare thing for you to stress your GPU to this level but we need to get an idea of the cooling solution included with this card.

One of the things AMD spoke about with the new R9 and R7 series is low temperatures and noise. As you can see on the chart, the VisionTek R9-280x is a bit warmer then every card other then the MSI 7950. There are a few reasons for this. One is that the default fan speed and slope for the VisionTeK R9-280x is set a bit low. At idle and non heavy usage the fan speeds remain at 20%. It is very quiet; however, it achieves this at the cost of higher temps. With some of the known tweaking tools you will be able to adjust the fan speeds and slope to find the great cooling and limited fan noise sweet spot within minutes. I was able to tweak this one a bit and get the temps down to 65c with a slight hum coming from the fans. It is also doubtful you will be gaming to the level of Heaven 4.0 anyways, it is one of the toughest gpu benchmarks around.

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