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VisionTek Radeon 6970 2GB

Posted October 20, 2011 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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Whether you are a gamer or work in some part of the graphics design field, its more than likely that if your motherboard has onboard graphics, it just can’t handle what developers are throwing at us these days. And VisionTek is where third party manufacturers come in to play, such as VisionTek, ASUS, Gigabyte and so on down the line.

Now I must admit, I love playing games on my PC, as I am sure most of the people who frequent online hardware forums also do. We all have some type of thirst for that absolute beast of a GPU, whether it’s for gaming purposes or you’re an enthusiast who wants the flashiest rig his or her money can buy.

Obviously there are two camps, and were not here to debate which is better, as both sides make great cards, excelling in certain areas and falling short in others. We are here to get down and dirty and see what VisionTek is offering us in their iteration of the HD6970 AMD offering.

VisionTek is a leading supplier of PC enhancement products to retailers and Consumers. Based out of East Dundee, IL, VisionTek brings the most innovative and best performing products to the PC enthusiast consumer market and further committed to exemplary customer service and support for all of our products. VisionTek’s award winning brand has been a leader for years and continues to set the standard for excellence in the market. VisionTek products can be found at leading retailers, distributors, PC system builders and e-commerce sites in North America.



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