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VisionTek Data Fusion PCI-Express 240GB

Posted May 3, 2013 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs


Price at time of Review: $380


Blistering speeds; RAID on a single card; Low profile mounting; Outstanding value


Potential lack of TRIM support (depends on chipset)
Excellent performance and value to consumers who want a top product.
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by Jake
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As we’ve said before and we’ll continue to hammer any chance we can get, the single biggest bottleneck in modern systems is the traditional plattered hard drive, and using an SSD in your system will make such a massive difference that you’ll want to cry if faced with having to use a traditional hard drive afterwards. Make no mistake, the speed boost is that pronounced and alluring.

Te SandForce 2281 controller continues to impress, and a pair of them in a RAID 0 configuration is simply stunning. Typical consumers looking for a speed boost for home use may not fully appreciate the horsepower here, but anyone with an insatiable appetite for speed or workstation applications will most definitely be left smiling. Seeing Read speeds around 820MB/s and 787MB/s is impressive, and the 4K Q32 result were also particularly notable, so the GRX drive is indeed very capable as a bootable OS and application drive for demanding users.

The only real downside here is potential lack of TRIM support, but any SSD RAID setup will encounter the same problem on certain chipsets, so the GRX is no better or worse in that regard. However, the SandForce controller has shown some strong resiliency in minimizing performance degradation to begin with, so the massive speeds offered by RAID 0 clearly offset the maintenance optimizations not potentially supported by TRIM. The bottom line here is the speeds on the GRX drive will utterly crush any single SSD, even when some performance degradation is taken into account.

Blazingly fast PCI-Express SSDs can typically be very expensive, though we have seen price drops overall of late. That is put to the test here, however, as the GRX 240GB can be found online at Tigerdirect for only $380. That’s a very compelling value for top speed, especially considering you get a RAID 0 solution on a single-drive solution. There are a few minor drawbacks, but VisionTek has a winner here.

The VisionTek GRX PCI-Express drive is in a very unique position, offering alluring performance and excellent value to consumers who want a top product.


VisionTek GRX PCI-Express SSD 240GB




    You state, “The only real downside here is lack of TRIM support, but any SSD RAID setup will encounter the same problem so the Data Fusion is no better or worse in that regard.” But I thought raid is now supported on Intel 6 an 7 series chipsets? See here:


      Good point. It really should read “potential” lack of TRIM support, since only 7-series chipsets are currently officially supported. Others can be, but not native “official” support as of yet.

      Review has been updated to reflect that.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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