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VisionTek Data Fusion PCI-Express 240GB

Posted May 3, 2013 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs


Price at time of Review: $380


Blistering speeds; RAID on a single card; Low profile mounting; Outstanding value


Potential lack of TRIM support (depends on chipset)
Excellent performance and value to consumers who want a top product.
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by Jake
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**Note: VisionTek changed the name of this product to GRX 2/25/14, Article has been updated with new name**



We’ve seen solid state drives become very popular over the last couple of years, as prices have continued to drop and consumers are taking notice of the impressive overall system boost that SSDs can offer. And we’ve looked at many SandForce-based drives in particular, and have come away impressed. Prices have continued to drop and consumers are taking notice of the impressive overall system boost that SSDs can offer.

And so today we’re looking at another SandForce SSD, but this one is very special as it’s essentially two drives in one that feature a RAID 0 configuration. The name of this little juggernaut is the VisionTek GRX 240GB PCI-Express. It acts like a drive but looks like a card since it plugs directly into the motherboard, bringing a whole new level of speed into the mix.

While the GRX drive is certainly suitable for home or office use, there’s also opportunity to employ it in a mail server or other IT applications. The GRX drive is bootable, and with claims of 800MB/s and 100,000 IOPS, such speed is typically expensive, but this PCI-E SSD currently retails for only $380 for the 240GB version. Sounds very tempting to us.

Let’s dive in and find out just how fast the VisionTek GRX 240GB proves in our testing.




    You state, “The only real downside here is lack of TRIM support, but any SSD RAID setup will encounter the same problem so the Data Fusion is no better or worse in that regard.” But I thought raid is now supported on Intel 6 an 7 series chipsets? See here:


      Good point. It really should read “potential” lack of TRIM support, since only 7-series chipsets are currently officially supported. Others can be, but not native “official” support as of yet.

      Review has been updated to reflect that.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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