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VisionTek CandyBoard

Posted September 15, 2010 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Features and Package

From VisionTek: "The CandyBoard is a wireless mini keyboard with integrated touch pad, with plug & play 2.4GHz frequency USB dongle.  The keyboard is slightly bigger than the classic American candy bar and complements your collection of typical home remote controls. It features 69 keys and a "capacitive-sensing" touchpad that’s comparable to a real notebook touchpad, which eliminates the need for a separate mouse.   The media center PC is becoming the in-home library for movie storage and play back, creating a need for smaller and more efficient remote navigation.  The VisionTek CandyBoardTM features backlit LEDs keys to use in low-light environments, making it a perfect complement to any home theater PC or family room game console."

Innovative Touchpad
Forget the mouse our innovative design lets you use the touch pad in the horizontal or vertical position

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Advanced Battery technology allows for faster charge times, longer usage and greater standby times

Perfect for Home Theater PC’s
Control your home theater unit from the comfort of your couch. A compatible QWERTY backlit keyboard allows you to navigate menus, or websites from up to 30 feet away

The CandyBoard comes in a black and red box with an actual full sized image of the unit on the front, mimicking VisionTek’s corporate colour scheme, along with a few brief descriptions of the platforms that it is supported on. On the back of the box there is a small inset picture with the features of the CandyBoard.

The contents of the package are pretty simple; there is the CandyBoard itself a USB connector cable and a User’s Manual.

Let’s take a closer look at the keyboard itself now.

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