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VisionTek 26 Piece PC Tool Kit Review

Posted January 31, 2014 by Mike in Peripherals


Release Date: Currently Available
Price at time of Review: $26.99 USD


great build quality on both the case and the tools, plenty of meaningful sizes for most all of the commonly used fasteners, room to store one or two more tools as needed.


Does not come with an anti-static band, multi-bit screwdriver handle could use a bit more grip.
For a PC-specific toolkit, VisionTek has essentially ticked just about every box and included every tool you'd need to work on a PC. Just be sure to mind the static!
by Mike
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With Tax Return Season upon us there are many who might be considering putting together their first new PC build or perhaps updating their current build. During the process of putting together the parts list, there is one item that is frequently neglected; that item is the tool-set you will need assemble your rig. Any old average set of tools (as long as they contain at least a philips screwdriver) will do you in a pinch, but it’s best not to use dad’s rusty-old screwdriver because it could get rust flakes and who knows what other kinds of dirt and grime all over your new PC hardware. Thankfully there are tool kits designed specifically with system building in mind, and VisionTek has a fairly comprehensive kit of their own, which we will review for you today.

Their kit comes with 26 pieces of surprisingly versatile, yet simple tools. We’ll be taking a quick look at what something like this offers you, the budding system builder, in your quest to construct the perfect metal monolith. First, here’s a word about VisionTek:


VisionTek Products, LLC is a leading supplier of personal computer enhancement products to retailers and consumers.

Based out of East Dundee, IL, VisionTek brings the most innovative and best performing products to the PC enthusiast consumer market and further committed to exemplary customer service and support for all of our products.

VisionTek has been widely recognized as a pioneer in producing graphic cards.

Our other component areas are such as memory, solid state drives, power supplies, candyboards, gaming network cards, and TV Tuners.

VisionTek’s award winning brand has been a leader for 
years and continues to set the standard for excellence in the market.

VisionTek products can be found at leading retailers, distributors, PC system builders and e-commerce sites in North America.




    It does seem like an anti-static band would be a given in any tool kit aimed at working with computers and/electronics.


    This kit is very similar to the generic ones provided by many vendors (I have two identical ones from different places). It does look to be packaged better with higher-quality materials but I would think the quoted MSRP is rather high for what you get. Just throwing that out there for people interested in a cheap kit like this – you can get something similar for a fifth of that price.

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