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VisionTek 26 Piece PC Tool Kit Review

Posted January 31, 2014 by Mike in Peripherals


Release Date: Currently Available
Price at time of Review: $26.99 USD


great build quality on both the case and the tools, plenty of meaningful sizes for most all of the commonly used fasteners, room to store one or two more tools as needed.


Does not come with an anti-static band, multi-bit screwdriver handle could use a bit more grip.
For a PC-specific toolkit, VisionTek has essentially ticked just about every box and included every tool you'd need to work on a PC. Just be sure to mind the static!
by Mike
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Final Thoughts


What can really be said about a tool kit? As some of us here at PureOC are former automotive technicians, we can personally attest to the importance of good quality tools being on-hand at all times for doing the job right the first time. That being said, these tools are all of great build quality. They don’t feel particularly flimsy at all and each of them has the potential to be used in any given build scenario. Most impressive was the magnetic tip screwdrivers and the case itself. They really became the centerpiece of this whole kit. The durable, tri-fold case is easy to carry around. You can fold it to be small enough to fit into just about any backpack or messenger bag with plenty of room to spare. It also isn’t overly heavy, and even gives you a few extra hoops on the inside to hold more gear should you so desire.


Probably the only thing to gripe about was the multi-bit screwdriver’s handle and the warranty. Give it a bit more grip and it too would be a winner. As warranties go, one year for most things would probably be acceptable, but if you are anything like the rest of us then you only really get to build one or two computers a year tops, so you wouldn’t necessarily find out what was wrong until well after the warranty expired. As for actually using this kit, we used it extensively in an upcoming project that we will be showcasing for all of our loyal readers (stay tuned! -Mike)and every time a hand tool was needed this kit was ready for us. It is currently listed through the VisionTek website for $26.99 USD, which isn’t really too bad given the quality of the kit itself and the selection of tools you get with it.

All things considered this is a really nice kit to work with, and should be well suited to the needs of just about anyone who is building or maintaining computer hardware. As such, we are glad to give this the PureOverclock Great Hardware award!


VisionTek 26 Piece Tool Kit (900670)

Thanks to VisionTek for supplying us with the review sample, and as always feel free to discuss this and other PC-related topics in the forums.




    It does seem like an anti-static band would be a given in any tool kit aimed at working with computers and/electronics.


    This kit is very similar to the generic ones provided by many vendors (I have two identical ones from different places). It does look to be packaged better with higher-quality materials but I would think the quoted MSRP is rather high for what you get. Just throwing that out there for people interested in a cheap kit like this – you can get something similar for a fifth of that price.

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