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Viper RGB DDR4 RAM Review

Posted November 7, 2018 by Josh Jackson in RAM


Price at time of Review: $157.99 on Amazon
Great Performance and Design, especially for those who like RGB Lighting
by Josh Jackson
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Patriot hit this one out of the park. I’m not saying this RAM is for everyone mind you, but the design does everything right in the ways it’s supposed to. For anyone who likes RGB lighting, I imagine this kit will be a welcome addition to the build. The performance was great, overclocking was solid, and the software was phenomenal. It’s really hard to beat that in terms of what I’ve seen from other RAM kits.

Looking at Newegg, availability is a bit scarce. The black 2666MHz kit is the only one I saw available. On Amazon though, Patriot is fairing much better. The kit used in this review is running $158 which puts it right at the same price as other comparable kits. If Viper had missed some marks along the way, that could be a problem. Considering that I can’t find any issue with this kit that falls outside of preference, the Viper RGB RAM is definitely worth your consideration.

Why You’ll Love this Product

  • Fancy RGB Lighting Design
  • Great Performance
  • Solid Overclocking Room
  • Some of the best Control Software

Why You’ll Pass on this Product

  • RGB Lighting is too much
  • Heat Shield is Plain without Lighting




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