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Viper RGB DDR4 RAM Review

Posted November 7, 2018 by Josh Jackson in RAM


Price at time of Review: $157.99 on Amazon
Great Performance and Design, especially for those who like RGB Lighting
by Josh Jackson
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Software Application

Everyone should design software the way Viper does. It’s a simple fact. When you first open the program, a PNG image of the logo fills the center of the screen. It then shrinks to the top right corner, and the software page pops up. It looks fantastic! The home screen has a simple, modern and easy to use design. The user can set what heatshield color one has, and change lighting effects from there. There’s options for brightness and speed as well.

When setting individual light colors, a user can click on the color bar or type in individual RGB numbers. It makes finding just the right color very easy. While I can’t say I see having numerous profiles being all that useful, it’s still an option that is available for the kits. We’ll go into more details about lighting effects soon, but the 8 included options not only look nice, but several of them are unique to Viper as well. This software gets an easy A++!

Lighting Effects

If you really want to get the full impact of the lighting effects, check out my video on Youtube. That said, I included some pictures as well to help try and show the Viper RGB off a little bit. In short, this kit looks absolutely amazing! Granted, I’m a lover of all things RGB and I understand that extravagant lighting won’t be for everyone. However, those of you wanting a great kit with awesome lighting should certainly consider Viper RGB. The glowing eyes really place the cherry on the top.

Once again, there are 8 profiles to choose from. Some of them are what we’d normally expect, while others are very unique. The Viper, Heartbeat, Marquee, and Neon all cycle effects I can’t say I’ve ever seen before. The Raindrop effect in particular was something completely new to me. Sure, not everyone will go for a flashy effect that can stand out a lot, but I appreciate the amount of effort Viper put into these presets.

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