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Viewsonic XG3220 Gaming Monitor Review

Posted November 25, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Monitors


Price at time of Review: $549.99
If you need to have 4k res, the XG3220 is hard to beat in its class, especially when it comes to vibrant colors.
by Josh Jackson
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Performance Impressions, HDR and 4k Res

This was the moment I had waited for for years. I wanted to test HDR on a monitor for ages and I can say that it MOSTLY didn’t disappoint. The brighter, more accurate colors are amazing. Even though the XG3220 has a lower level of HDR than higher end models, it still added a nice touch to certain colors in Strange Brigade. I noticed that certain spells and explosions looked more vibrant, while hair colors and environments looked more realistic. HDR is definitely the future of gaming in my opinion.

However, disabling HDR didn’t hinder how good the screen looked. I don’t know how ViewSonic does it, but their displays always have great colors. Some that has to do with the VA panel. The colors are still very vibrant with HDR disabled, but they can lend themselves to a bit of a cartoonish look as well. That said, it only took a minor amount of tweaking to find a gaming experience I was very happy with.

I see why certain gamers like 4k resolution. I have a feeling it has less to do with pixels and more to do with aliasing. Some lines and edges look perfectly smooth, even with AA disabled. Another thing I noticed is that 4k seems to work better on larger screens. The 32″ size is far more complimentary of the amount of pixels than even what a 27″ screen would be. However, 60Hz is definitely noticeable to me. Once I start moving in a game, I quit noticing crisp scenery and smooth lines nearly as much. I personally prefer 144Hz over 4k since it makes the movements in game buttery smooth.


In the end, the XG3220 is an excellent quality display. I can’t fault it for the features I prefer, but judging it on the feature it has is easy. ViewSonic did a great job yet again. The company has become one of my favorites in the display space. Besides, I didn’t even spend a lot of time on FreeSync, or speakers that rate at 5w each. Everything ViewSonic does is top notch which I appreciate.

The price on this unit is $550. I found other monitors with similar features cheaper, and quite a few that were a lot more expensive. I would almost call it a fair price, but features are kind of important here. Monitors I saw that were less expensive also seemed to be cut down to bare bones. That said, comparing 4k monitors at this level is difficult because they differ so much in other areas. In the end, I see this as a fair price that leans towards a pretty good value. If you really like 4k, then the ViewSonic XG3220 Gaming Monitor would be a great buy this holiday season!





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    Neil Mathieson

    I’ve always liked Viewsonic’s Quality. I currently own two 27″ Viewsonic screens, one is a year old and the other is 8 years old.

    Good review Josh!

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