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Viewsonic XG3220 Gaming Monitor Review

Posted November 25, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Monitors


Price at time of Review: $549.99
If you need to have 4k res, the XG3220 is hard to beat in its class, especially when it comes to vibrant colors.
by Josh Jackson
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OSD Settings Guide

Optimizing settings on the XG3220 is much easier than other models I’ve worked with. This largely in part due to how nice the screen looks regardless. The other reason is the amount of options that are either “Auto” or “Disabled.” That comes in handy. I noticed that because of the lower 60 Hz refresh rate, many of the response settings didn’t make as large of an impact on PC. However, I did notice it helping when I hooked my PS4 to the display. Spyro Reignited was more pleasant to play with the fastest response time.

One setting always worth pointing out from ViewSonic is their Black Stabilization. This model has 22 levels! The feature is really nice and helps find the perfect balance of light and shadows in gaming. The 22 levels is also perfect. I think anymore and it would be a bit too much. However, older models only had 5 levels, making it a bit harder to find a sweet spot that matches individual preference. For a more detailed look at the rest of the settings, check out the video for a more detailed guide to the OSD.

Setting Up HDR on Windows 10

I put the monitor together, hooked up my display port cable, made sure HDR was enabled on the screen, and started up a game. The game settings told me I didn’t have an HDR capable display hooked up. I proceeded to go through a plethora of steps to find out the problem was simple. HDR was only supported through HDMI. In hind site, that sounds familiar. However, I was surprised the XG3220 didn’t come with an HDMI cable instead as a result. While HDMI cables aren’t hard to come by nowadays, it would help prevent PC users like me from pulling their hair out trying to get it to work.

HDR and Windows is a bit of a mixed bag, at no fault to HDR. The simple fact is that Windows 10 only truly supports SDR content. Browsing the web or using regular applications will look pretty washed out when HDR is enabled. Once the game kicks in, HDR is great. However, the best way I could see myself using HDR at the time being is enabling it for supported titles, then disabling it again for Windows. It’s a bit of a hassle. I hope Windows 10 does better to support HDR with standard content in the future, but until then HDR displays might be better suited for consoles.

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    Neil Mathieson

    I’ve always liked Viewsonic’s Quality. I currently own two 27″ Viewsonic screens, one is a year old and the other is 8 years old.

    Good review Josh!

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