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ViewSonic XG2701 Gaming Monitor Review

Posted July 19, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Monitors


Price at time of Review: $330 on Amazon


Quality Build, Lots of Features, High Refresh Rate, Freesync


TN Panel, Price

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by Josh Jackson
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Let’s start with the strengths the XG2701 has. While I won’t go as far as to say there is a huge competitive edge at 144Hz compared to 75Hz, game play looks smoother on a raw aesthetic level. I enjoyed how every motion in my games looked incredibly fluid. FreeSync is great as always, and the huge range from 48Hz to 144Hz meant I never saw a jitter or a tear. My personal preference now is to look for 144Hz first, with higher resolutions coming secondary.

Other great strengths are the features from ViewSonic. The Ultra High response time and input lag made everything I was seeing on the screen feel extremely responsive. Also, I’m a fan of the Black Stabilization feature. It seems to help a lot in terms of bringing deeper blacks to a TN panel. I’d still prefer a VA or IPS screen, but ViewSonic does possibly the best job with TN.

Speaking of the TN panel though, it is clearly the one feature holding this panel back. The colors fall flat in comparison to other displays. Normally, price would be the reason to opt for it. That said, several monitors with MVA panels are hitting the market, cheaper than several TN designs, and better at displaying gaming colors. TN might be a bit better for color accuracy, but most graphic designers would opt for the extra cost of an IPS panel anyway.

One final note is the built in speakers. They sound pretty good. They won’t measure up to a dedicated speaker setup or headset, but I found them more tolerable than most monitor speakers I’ve heard. All around, ViewSonic does a great job in their monitor design here.

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