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VIEWSONIC VX2757-MHD 27″ FreeSync Monitor Review

Posted August 2, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Monitors


Price at time of Review: $179.88 on Amazon, $184.99 on Newegg


Surprisingly Good Build, Picture, and Feature Quality for the Price, FreeSync at a Great Price, 27" at a Great Price. Did I mention the Price?


Built-in Speakers sound bad, No included DisplayPort cable for FreeSync
AMD users will certainly enjoy the benefits of FreeSync (With proper setup), but this is an ideal monitor for any gamer looking for a nice, affordable 27" monitor with good features.
by Josh Jackson
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ViewSonic 27 FreeSync (15)VIEWSONIC has certainly impressed me with it’s VX2757 FreeSync Monitor. The 27″ display size is just about perfect for the normal desk setup, the build quality is a step above what I expected it to be and the picture quality is really good, bordering on excellent. This monitor is hard to beat as it is, but once you add features like AMD’s FreeSync technology and the Black Stabilization, it becomes all the more appealing. The settings take a few tweaks to get things right where you want them, but a couple of Google searches, or even this review, will help shortcut you to what I believe will be an ideal viewing experience.

The VX2757 isn’t a perfect monitor, but its cons are minor at best. I’m sure the response time and sharpness isn’t going to be as good as higher end monitors. Most of my experience has been with the budget end though and VIEWSONIC certainly shines in this segment. The only other issues I found were the lack of an included DisplayPort cable and the fact that the built in speakers sound terrible. Once again though, these issues are easily remedied, especially since built in speakers are hardly the first choice for gamers. The FreeSync and Crossfire bug I ran across is a problem, but I was able to notify AMD about it and even if FreeSync is disabled, the monitor still has a good refresh rate for Crossfire at this budget.

ViewSonic 27 FreeSync (10)Here’s where this monitor destroys the competition and makes it the go to choice in the budget realm. As of this writing, you can purchase this for $180 with free shipping on Amazon. That price is a steal! Even without FreeSync, this monitor is great. I noticed some panels that were cheaper, but they don’t have the features or the user reviews that VIEWSONIC is getting right now. Once you start looking for 27″ G-Sync monitors, you’ll see price tags beginning at the $500+ range. This really makes the RX 480 an even more compelling option when you’re trying to get the best gaming experience for a tight budget. With these kind of prices, plus the fact that it’s available on Amazon and Newegg, we happily award the VIEWSONIC VX2757-MHD FreeSync Monitor the Pureoverclock Editor’s Choice Award!




VIEWSONIC Product Page

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    Liz G

    Hi, I have an Nvidia card and I’m interested in this monitor for its ability to go above the 60Hz refresh rate.

    I’m wondering if you can confirm whether this unit can do 75Hz at 1920×1080 without using AMD/Freesync?

      Josh Jackson

      Yes, it definitely will. You still might have to manually set the refresh rate in windows, but it’s a solid deal for just a 75Hz 1080p @ 27″.


    Just had to leave a comment to show my appreciation for such a thorough review/guide. Thank you so much for taking the time the write such an informative article, it shall be a huge help when I’m configuring my new Monitor tomorrow!

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