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VIEWSONIC VX2757-MHD 27″ FreeSync Monitor Review

Posted August 2, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Monitors


Price at time of Review: $179.88 on Amazon, $184.99 on Newegg


Surprisingly Good Build, Picture, and Feature Quality for the Price, FreeSync at a Great Price, 27" at a Great Price. Did I mention the Price?


Built-in Speakers sound bad, No included DisplayPort cable for FreeSync
AMD users will certainly enjoy the benefits of FreeSync (With proper setup), but this is an ideal monitor for any gamer looking for a nice, affordable 27" monitor with good features.
by Josh Jackson
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Features and Specifications

You can probably guess what feature I’m going to point out. FreeSync’s major difference from GSync is the fact that it’s free. This means that adaptive refresh rates should be far more accessible to the budget ends of the gamer markets. Of course, if FreeSync doesn’t help with visual fidelity, then free doesn’t matter much. The biggest point about adaptive refresh rates though, is that since your frame rates in games usually vary, having the monitor refresh at the same rate as the FPS do will help eliminate tearing and stutters in game play.


  • Ultra-fast response time
  • AMD FreeSync™ technology
  • Low input lag
  • Black stabilization for ultimate visibility
  • Game Mode hotkey and user-customized settings


The ViewSonic® VX2757-mhd is a 27” Full HD price-performance monitor built for gaming and entertainment. Equipped with VESA Adaptive-Sync Technology, this monitor’s variable refresh rate capabilities virtually eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for fluid game play during fast-paced action scenes. An ultra-fast 2ms response time and low input lag mode also provides smooth screen performance free from blurring or ghosting. For a game winning competitive edge, a Game Mode hot key optimizes gameplay for FPS, RTS and MOBA. On top of that, a black stabilization function helps you target enemies lurking in the dark, while enabling the monitor to maintain brilliantly rich colors and contrast for total immersion. Flexible connectivity options such as DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA allow you to connect to your dedicated graphics card and gaming console. The VX2757-mhd features all the perks needed to dominate all your gaming and entertainment quests.

Ultra-Fast Response Time

Ultra-Fast Response Time

With an ultra-fast 2ms response time, this monitor delivers smooth images without streaking, blurring or ghosting. For any and all fast-paced action sequences, you’ll be glad your monitor reacts as quickly as you do.

AMD FreeSync Technology

AMD FreeSync™ Technology

Leveraging VESA Adaptive-Sync connectivity, this monitor is equipped with AMD FreeSync™ technology* that seamlessly synchronizes the frame rate output between your graphics card and monitor. This dynamic refresh rate effectively eliminates image tearing, stuttering, and jerkiness for smooth gameplay.

*AMD FreeSync™ technology with DisplayPort 1.2a connection port

Low Input Lag

Low Input Lag

When the action on the battlefield gets intense, you need a monitor that can process every command from the keyboard, mouse, or controller as soon as they occur. With a built-in process reducer, this monitor does just that – decreasing the delay between all inputs, and allowing you to react in real time against any competitor.

Black Stabilization

Black Stabilization
for Ultimate Visibility

ViewSonic’s Black Stabilization feature provides heightened visibility and detail by brightening dark scenes. Dominate the competition with enhanced visibility, even in the darkest scenes of a video game.

User-customized Settings

Game Mode Hotkey and
User-customized Settings

A Game Mode hotkey opens pre-calibrated FPS 1, FPS 2, RTS, and MOBA settings that deliver the best blend of color and technology for specific gaming scenarios. In addition, three customizable “GAMER” settings provide individual user preferences for specific games.

Under the specifications, the important one is the response time. While 2ms is really good, it is gray to gray. This means that black to white will probably be a bit slower. While this could be an issue for some, I feel like this is pretty great at this budget range. I would think the majority of changes during gaming are likely to stay in that gray to gray range of response, rather than black to white. (Unless you’re playing Black and White?) *Click on each section below for a larger version, total of 4 sections.
Viewsonic Specs 1 Viewsonic Specs 2 Viewsonic Specs 3 Viewsonic Specs 4
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    Liz G

    Hi, I have an Nvidia card and I’m interested in this monitor for its ability to go above the 60Hz refresh rate.

    I’m wondering if you can confirm whether this unit can do 75Hz at 1920×1080 without using AMD/Freesync?

      Josh Jackson

      Yes, it definitely will. You still might have to manually set the refresh rate in windows, but it’s a solid deal for just a 75Hz 1080p @ 27″.


    Just had to leave a comment to show my appreciation for such a thorough review/guide. Thank you so much for taking the time the write such an informative article, it shall be a huge help when I’m configuring my new Monitor tomorrow!

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