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Ultra X4 1200W

Posted October 19, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Ultra X4 1200W is a very sleek power supply that delivers solid features and good performance when heavily loaded with a case full of power-hungry components. The accessories included in this package are nothing spectacular, but there is a very good assortment of sleeved modular cables that support SLI/CrossFire setups, and an easy-to-use modular connection design is employed.  While Ultra can claim that the X4 is fully modular, we’re a bit puzzled as to why it’s been done in the first place since a handful of those modular cables always need to be connected anyways, and should have been considered for hard-wiring to begin with.

From a functional standpoint, the X4 1200W has good voltage regulation, an 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency rating, and a quiet operation.  However, the low noise levels come with a steep price in that the exhaust temperatures are very high. Coupled with the small heatsinks, the unit gets rather warm, and we think this could be easily solved by adjusting the fan speeds for higher RPMs when operating a high loads. The cable lengths are quite long, however, and will allow for good cable management and organization in a full-tower case setup. The only other niggle is the unusual "overvolted" +12V which is within spec but the highest we’ve seen to date.

At the time of this review, the X4 1200W will not have hit retail shelves just yet so we can’t fully comment on its actual selling price. The information we’ve received is that the MSRP will be approximately $300 USD, and we’ll keep our eyes on that as it hits the retail channels. In the meantime, we can only go by the anticipated pricing, and at this price point we think it’s rather high. Usually the MSRP is on the high side anyways, so we’re hopeful the actual price will be lower, especially considering the competition in the 1200W market. Frankly, you can find some very good power supplies in this power range for less than $300, so we hope Ultra is mindful of this and retailers set the final price considerably lower than the MSRP.

While the Ultra X4 1200W isn’t a standout in any one category, it isn’t a slouch either, and is a good all-round power supply that offers an attractive combination of features, functionality, and aesthetics. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the final retail price, but the X4 is a solid unit that can certainly provide the power needed for the most demanding systems out there.

UPDATE: We’ve seen the X4 1200W now offered at retail channels for $250 USD, which is considerably better than the MSRP. At this price it is very competitive with other manufacturer products, and certainly improves its overall impression on us, earning our recommendation as a shortlist pick.



Ultra X4 1200W

Our thanks go to Ultra for providing the X4 1200W for this review.



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