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Tuniq TX-3

Posted November 24, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Everyone knows that an engine is what powers a car, and horsepower is the often the focus for the gearheads that love to talk shop. More horsepower equals more……attention? Whatever the result, there is a very small but critical fact that is often overlooked when perusing cars specs: horsepower means nothing if the engine doesn’t run. Sounds like a simple concept, right? So then why is motor oil, for example, an oft-overclooked aspect of an engine? After all, poor oil means poor engine performance, we all know this. The lowly motor oil, with that ability to sideline even the most powerful Ferrari; irony at its best.

Similar to the motor oil in your engine is the thermal compound in your computer system, and specifically, the stuff on your processor’s heatsink to keep it running at peak performance. Poor thermal compound can sideline any system, especially the more powerful ones. Ever run a CPU with a dry heatsink installed? I have, and let me tell you it gets awfully hot in a hurry. When fighting for higher overclocks on your CPU, every degree of temperature drop counts.

The Tuniq TX-3 thermal compound is an evolution of its popular predecessor, the TX-2, and promised peak cooling performance toward keeping your CPU cool under load. Let’s take a look as we drop some onto a highly overclocked Core i7 monster and see if it can live up to those claims.

Thanks go to our friends at Tuniq for supplying the review sample.

As a division of Sunbeamtech, Tuniq considers itself in the fashion business of computing industry. We are committed to bring stylish, durable and high performance equipments to the world of computer modding. Our members consist of those who have more than 10 years experience in the industry and enthusiastic young designers full of innovative ideas. Our manufacture center, which is located in China, takes care of a portion of component manufacturing and ensures best quality with reasonable cost for our clients. This combination of enthusiasm and market sophistication makes us a strong and reliable choice in this market. The people in Tuniq are more than pleased to help in tuning your PC and make it into one unique to your own.


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    “A rebate for 5 bucks? Seriously, would anyone bother with even attempting to get that money back?”

    HAHAHAHAHA….. I would…. I did…..serveral times…..in the last couple months! qq

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