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Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme

Posted November 11, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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We’ve seen CPU coolers in all shapes and sizes, materials and costs, and it’s always interesting to see products that carry names of their predecessors. The reason is quite simple: can the new live up to the hype of old? Is the new really improved, and can it succeed in today’s marketplace? Tuniq’s Tower 120 Extreme is one such product, an evolution of its vaunted predecessor, the Tuniq Tower 120. The original Tower was renowed in enthusiast circles, and there was a point in time whereby if you wanted top overclocks on air cooling then you owned a Tuniq Tower 120, no questions asked.

Much has changed since the days when the Tower 120 reigned supreme. Top air cooling manufacturers have refined their designs and incorporated Heatpipe Direct Touch technology that has proven to be very successful in its performance abilities. In many ways, Tuniq has had to play catch-up since their heyday, and in their pursuit of recapturing the air cooling crown, they’ve now released the "Extreme" version of their legendary cooler. Question is: did they succeed?

Let’s drop the Tower 120 Extreme on a highly overclocked Core i7 monster and find out.

Thanks go to our friends at Tuniq for supplying the review sample.

As a division of Sunbeamtech, Tuniq considers itself in the fashion business of computing industry. We are committed to bring stylish, durable and high performance equipments to the world of computer modding. Our members consist of those who have more than 10 years experience in the industry and enthusiastic young designers full of innovative ideas. Our manufacture center, which is located in China, takes care of a portion of component manufacturing and ensures best quality with reasonable cost for our clients. This combination of enthusiasm and market sophistication makes us a strong and reliable choice in this market. The people in Tuniq are more than pleased to help in tuning your PC and make it into one unique to your own.



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