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Tt eSPORTS MetalCaps 38 Piece Mechanical Keycap Set Review

Posted October 1, 2014 by Mike in Peripherals


Release Date: Currently Available
Price at time of Review: $69.99 USD @ Amazon.com (Tt eSPORTS)


Metal creates cool feel, dampens switch sounds, diverse compatibility, covers all primary keys, switches become easier to depress


Very pricey modification, not currently an option for your num-pad or other keys to have caps
If you want a "tactfully opulent" upgrade for your mechanical keyboard, look no further than the Tt eSPORTS Metalkeys 38 piece set.
by Mike
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User Experience and Conclusion


After about two weeks of constant use, I’m pretty well impressed with these key caps. They are very easy to keep clean, stylish, and have the added (and most likely unintentional) side effect of damping the sounds your mechanical switches make. Of course if you prefer to hear every single click from every single key then this might be problematic for you, but for everyone else this means that if you prefer your Cherry MX Red or Blue switches but would rather them be just a smidgen more quiet than before, these keys will definitely help you to that end. I also found that typing in general was much more effortless as the weight of the caps was making it easier for me to depress keystrokes – a much needed sigh of relief for someone who is constantly typing something for someone.

I might like to see them add in more keys to their lineup in the future that can be purchased separately; however, as between the cap-equipped keys and the standard keys, typing feel is noticeably different enough that it can be slightly distracting. This is especially during gaming where I need to use WASD, Space, Ctrl, Alt and the number row across the top. You do get used to it after a while, but I still found myself wanting more metal on my board. Another happy by-product of the keys being metal was that my hands tend to stay ever so slightly cooler than before. Perhaps that’s all in my head, but it almost feels like the keys themselves act like a momentary heat sink for my fingers. Either way, they are, all things considered, a real joy to type with in both productivity and gaming scenarios, and only served to improve upon already great keyboards.



The one thing that I still have a hard time with here is the price: at $70 USD at Tt eSPORTS’ Amazon page, it’s kind of an expensive proposition: as a matter of fact, for another ten dollars you could even pick up another Poseidon Z. With the already “spend-y” price of mechanical keyboards, another 70 dollars for CAPS (see what I did there?) seems a tad too opulent, especially given that there are many other options out there that are cheaper and give you more… just not metal sets. They also offer up smaller variants of this set that give you four keys (WASD, QWER, or Arrows) and the Tt eSPORTS-branded key (the dragon-looking thing-y… technical term), but at 20 dollars a set they really don’t provide near as good a deal as the 38 key set offers and I would definitely not recommend those.

At the end of the day, it’s all up to you as to whether or not you prefer the metal look, feel, and sound. The fact that they dampen your key strokes without the need for a washer is really nice, as is the fact that their weight makes your keystrokes much easier than before. They make LED lighting look more stunning than previously without being too distracting, and, in my case, they even kept my hands cooler than they were previously. Despite the price being a bit on the high side, I feel like these still definitely earned the PureOC Great Hardware award for being a tastefully done, high quality mod for your mechanical keyboard to really take your typing and gaming experience to the next level.

great hardwareTtESPORTS MetalCaps 38 piece Mechanical Keycap Set (EA-MTC-AKCSIL-37)

I’d like to thank Thermaltake and Tt eSPORTS for providing us with our review sample, and as always we welcome you to discuss this and other PC-related topics in our forums.



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