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Tritton Pro+ True 5.1 Surround HeadSet for PC and MAC

Posted September 17, 2013 by Sandy Bruce in PC Audio







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Release Date: August 2013
Specifications: Cable Length: 12ft (3.7m) Ear Coupling: Circumaural (Over-the-Ear) Audio Input Type: 3.5mm x4 Frequency Response: 25Hz–22kHz Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <1% Speaker Diameters: 30mm Front & Rear, 23mm Center, 40mm Sub Number of Speakers: 8 Magnet Type: Neodymium USB Powered: Yes
Price at time of Review: $129US $139CAN


Sound Quality, True 5.1 Surround, Adjustable Mic, Comfortable, Independent Volume and Mic Controls, SVM. PC, MAC, Xbox360 and PS3 support, Price and color options.


Sound quality from the Pro+ is really amazing and can be used for music, movies, video chat Skype and of course gaming.The Pro+ True 5.1 headset fits right into the price bracket for 5.1 surround heatset for PC. Few of those can also be used for Xbox360 and PS3.
by Sandy Bruce
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After you have the Pro+ connected to the USB ports and audio ports, you will see the Tritton logo turns to a brighter orange because of the LED back lighting. Besides looking cool this lets you know there is power going to the PRO+.

Now that there is power going to the Pro+, the In-line Audio Controller buttons also light up. These colors change based on the audio volume. As the volume increases to certain levels the next color will make an appearance as the top color before switching all of the buttons to that color. See the 4th picture. The top button is blue and the rest are green. I had to dull the photos down so you could still clearly see the buttons.

There are no drivers that need to be installed for the Pro+ to work. All you need to do is change the audio settings to 5.1 surround in the control panel, connect the cables according to color and you are ready to go. If you are using Windows 7 or above, when the cables are connected, Windows will ask you how you want to use it and which channel it is. Easy as pie!


After adjusting the Pro+ to fit comfortably on my large head, I started testing music with the defaulted channel settings. I played a few random samples from different genres to check the sound production range. By using the 5.1 setting, Windows automatically plays every song using the Dobly DTS software installed by Windows default. Tritton must really put some time into designing the Pro+ because there was no distortion at any volume. Every song had very crisp high notes, wide ranging mid-range notes and a solid amount of bass. Of course the Bass can’t compare to a full 5.1 surround system due to the size of the speakers. However when I compare them to other headsets I own, like the House of Marley or the Draccos (which are made for music), the Tritton Pro+ wins hands down. The sounds levels are better, reproduction is better and most of all, the level of comfort is better. The Pro+ fits completely around my ears so they are not resting on the outer lobe causing sweating or that dreadful burning feeling after prolonged usage.

Next up I needed a movie. I wanted to hear clear vocals, action, car chases and music meant to intensify every scene, so I picked Fast and the Furious 6! Here is my experience.

While visiting my mother for the Labor Day weekend BBQ, I decided to go outside and test the Pro+ with my laptop. I got everything setup and started playing the movie. She came out and asked what I was doing, so I had her sit down and try out the Pro+. She cranked the sound up and proceeded to shoe me away to watch the entire movie. In my testing I found the sound was truly amazing during movie playback, and it obviously met my Mom’s seal of approval! With the volume up, it’s almost like being in a theater.

Next I got to test something I knew my mother wouldn’t steal away: FPS gaming! COD Black Ops was selected so we can test the mic. The mic was positioned below my mouth close to the chin to avoid talking directly into the mic. I could hear my teammates clearly and they could hear my replies with no problems. By having true 5.1 surround, I found there are sounds in the game I never heard before. Far away gun fights and explosions, your breathing when running, and the footsteps of other players all became much more obvious. I was even able to easily tell the direction the enemy was coming from which saved me more times than I could count.

One of the other cool features the Pro+ has is called SVM (Selectable Voice Monitoring). This allows you to hear yourself through the headset. It may not seem like much, but think about the times you have tried to talk to someone with headset on and they yell at you when they reply. SVM stops this from happening because you can hear your voice volume and adjust accordingly. Now you won’t wake up the wife during late night gaming sessions. The mic volume can be adjusted or turned off using the mute button on the controls.


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    This is undoubtedly the best blue tooth headset I have ever owned. I love it, and you will love it for multiple reasons. http://www.jabra.com/Products/Bluetooth/JABRA_WAVE/Jabra_WAVE

    1) It wont fall of your ear and it isn’t annoying. Its very ergonomic and you will forget its there, it doesn’t feel like something hanging from your ear.

    2) Battery Life is amazing, better than my previous two Motorola’s

    3) No one on the other end will ask for you to take them off speaker phone. Its very natural sounding.

    4) The sound is crystal clear and the bud isn’t jammed inside of your ear.

    5) Easy to take on and off your ear, and will not fall off when you bend over.

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