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Tritton Pro+ True 5.1 Surround HeadSet for PC and MAC

Posted September 17, 2013 by Sandy Bruce in PC Audio







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Release Date: August 2013
Specifications: Cable Length: 12ft (3.7m) Ear Coupling: Circumaural (Over-the-Ear) Audio Input Type: 3.5mm x4 Frequency Response: 25Hz–22kHz Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <1% Speaker Diameters: 30mm Front & Rear, 23mm Center, 40mm Sub Number of Speakers: 8 Magnet Type: Neodymium USB Powered: Yes
Price at time of Review: $129US $139CAN


Sound Quality, True 5.1 Surround, Adjustable Mic, Comfortable, Independent Volume and Mic Controls, SVM. PC, MAC, Xbox360 and PS3 support, Price and color options.


Sound quality from the Pro+ is really amazing and can be used for music, movies, video chat Skype and of course gaming.The Pro+ True 5.1 headset fits right into the price bracket for 5.1 surround heatset for PC. Few of those can also be used for Xbox360 and PS3.
by Sandy Bruce
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On the front of the box you will see the headset you will be purchasing clearly. The Pro+ true Surround Sound Headsets are for PC and MAC and this is clearly marked on the box in multiple locations. Tritton Audio sent us the Gloss White set but they also come in Gloss Red and Black. A small picture is on the top left corner to display the speaker orientation.

The rear side of the box contains a lot of information on all of the features the Pro+ true headset offers. It also includes a more detailed picture of the speaker orientation. There is another shot of the headset from the front angle and a small picture of the control unit.

On the side we see the contents, serial numbers and warranty information. The other side displays the headset and the controls again.


The pictures on the outside of the box are actually a sleeve which covers the main box for the headset. Once this is removed, you will see the large Tritton logo centered on the white and black folding box.

When you lift the lid on the box, you will be greeted with a high gloss colored instruction sheet and a welcoming view of your new headset. The bright high gloss white headset with the orange tinted Tritton logo practically screamed for me to remove them from the box quickly! The headset is set in pre-formed hard plastic to prevent shifting during shipping. The headset and accessories were secured in place as hoped.

Tritton kept the contents of the box simple; no advertisements for other products or even games. The contents are as follows: colored instruction sheet, a “Stop” warning support sheet for if you have problems, Tritton logo stickers, a detachable microphone, a connection cable and a main control cable.


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    This is undoubtedly the best blue tooth headset I have ever owned. I love it, and you will love it for multiple reasons. http://www.jabra.com/Products/Bluetooth/JABRA_WAVE/Jabra_WAVE

    1) It wont fall of your ear and it isn’t annoying. Its very ergonomic and you will forget its there, it doesn’t feel like something hanging from your ear.

    2) Battery Life is amazing, better than my previous two Motorola’s

    3) No one on the other end will ask for you to take them off speaker phone. Its very natural sounding.

    4) The sound is crystal clear and the bud isn’t jammed inside of your ear.

    5) Easy to take on and off your ear, and will not fall off when you bend over.

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