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Transcend SSD370 128GB Review

Posted August 22, 2014 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs


Price at time of Review: $70


Very affordable; Solid accessory package with cloning software; Very fast Read speeds; Well suited for OS drive.


Sequential Write speeds only satisfactory; Performance increases as capacity increases.
If you're looking for something very affordable and fast, then the Transcend SSD370 128GB is a great value option.
by Jake
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Transcend has a rather interesting drive here with the SSD370. Going with the TS6500 / SMI controller, one could argue that it’s a bet that consumers don’t really care about controller specifications, but rather care more about affordable speed. After all, any SSD will embarass a hard drive in terms of performance, so the boost will be significant for those who are looking to jump onto the SSD bandwagon, and particularly most affordably.

The SSD370 performance numbers are also interesting, as the speeds increase (specifically, the Write speeds) as you go higher in capacity. Spend more, get more. It’s a unique proposition to consumers, and again, likely matters more to those who are indeed willing to spend more. If you’re on a tight budget, we suspect cost is more critical than 4K Random writes at a Queue Depth of 64, for example.

That said, the Write speeds here are very fast, even on the 128GB model. Seeing 560MB/s Read is nothing to scoff at. Write speeds hover around the 160MB/s mark in Sequential, which admittedly is pretty quick. Sequential writes aren’t arguably as important for an OS drive anyways, so the case could be made that cost cutting there makes sense. Random read and write results are fast enough, not earth-shattering, but will certainly get the job done nicely for an OS drive.

The SSD market is getting very competitive these days, as pricing becomes more accessible to the masses and there’s greater demand for these superfast drives. We did manage to find the SSD370 128GB for an impressively low retail price of $70. Toss in the slim form factor, drive bay converter, and data cloning software, and you’ve got a extremely strong value package here for someone looking to either upgrade their notebook on the cheap or boost their HTPC setup.

In a sea of SSDs available on the market, it can be a bit daunting for a someone to understand the differences in performance results, and to simply decide what works best for them. If you’re looking for something very affordable and fast, then the Transcend SSD370 128GB is a great value option.

Transcend SSD370 128GB




    Cheaper than all the competitors. Crucal MX 100, Samsung 840 EVO, Corsair LX, OCZ ARC 100, AMD Radeon 7, Sandisk Ultra II. Moreover Transcend uses quality Synchronous MLC NAND Flash chips in this SSD. The cheapest rival is Sandisk Ultra II TLC SSD and wants 80$ for the 120 GB one. I have been using a Transcend SSD 320 MLC SATA III 128 GB for two years and I am completely satisfied. As you know SSD 320 uses Asynchronous Flash Chips. Despite being Asynchronous it is perfect. No problem, no fail, no blue screen. You will not be regretful when you buy this SSD or any Transcend products.

      Sandy Bruce

      Your other post was uncalled for. No post from you was blocked. All post have to be approved by an admin before they will show up. Please refrain from making comments like that again. Thank you for reading our articles.


    The write speeds are pretty horrendous, however this drive has its place in the market though I wouldn’t wanna spend anymore than 0.3$ ~ 0.4$ for this particular SSD, depends on the drive capacity of course.


      Good point, it does depend on the capacity. That said, it’s likely best suited to someone on a tight budget and looking for a strong upgrade from an old plattered hard drive. 150MB/s Write isn’t “horrendous”, it’s certainly not as fast as premium SSDs, but it’s still plenty quick compared to a traditional HDD.

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