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Transcend SSD320 256GB

Posted February 14, 2013 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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Price at time of Review: $195


Fast speeds; extra slim profile, very lightweight; excellent accessory package; great price


SandForce controller struggles with incompressible data; speeds same as other SandForce drives
Fast speeds, a slim and lightweight package, great price, and a robust accessory package that leaves us with an excellent overall value.
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by Jake
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Transcend has a great drive here with the SSD320. Going with the SandForce 2281 controller, it’s a safe bet that consumers can trust. In a sea of SSDs, it can be a bit daunting for a someone to understand the differences in performance results, and to simply decide what works best for them. That’s an issue that can be addressed by choosing a SandForce-based SSD; you’re getting something proven and popular, so nobody could be faulted for buying one. And the Transcend SSD320 is another in a line of choices that we do recommend to consumers.

The SandForce controller goes to its limits and reaching maximum advertised speeds of 560MB/s Reads and 530MB/s Writes. We found that the drive didn’t quite match the claimed IOPS, but that can be attributed partly to differences in testing methodology between what Transcend claims and what we used on the bench. That said, the results weren’t far off, but still fast nonetheless. The only test where we saw the SSD320 struggle was with the incompressible data, as all SandForce drives have difficulty, so it’s nothing unique here.

The SSD market is getting very competitive these days, as pricing becomes more accessible to the masses and there’s greater demand for these superfast drives. Most SandForce SF-2281 drives are seeing price drops overall, and this Transcend SSD320 retails for about $195, which is one of the best deals out there against the competition. Since all SandForce 2281 drives perform nearly identical, there isn’t much to differentiate this Transcend version in terms of performance. However, the accessory package certainly adds more value to the equation, and factoring in the affordable price tag, this represents an excellent deal.

The Transcend SSD320 offers fast speeds, a slim and lightweight package, great price, and a robust accessory package that leaves us with an excellent overall value. If you want a solid SSD without spending a fortune, the Transcend SSD320 256GB is a great option.

Transcend SSD320 256GB



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