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Transcend Jetflash 380G Review

Posted April 10, 2014 by Joe Kershner in Storage, HDs & SSDs


Price at time of Review: $19.99 at amazon


Quality design, compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones, limited lifetime warranty


Transcend Elite program compatible with Android 4.0 or later
by Joe Kershner
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With technology growing, the size of storage has grown too. We constantly need more space for moving larger files from one system to another, but we don’t always have network accessibility. Whether it is movies, music or a system backup, we don’t always have cables on hand when it comes to transferring files between computer and your mobile device. Transcend realized not everybody carries cables around, and introduced the Jetflash 380.

The Jetflash 380 is available in 16 or 32GB sizes in either silver or gold. We have the opportunity to test the 380G 16GB version. Continue reading to find out how well these drives do in our testing.

Transcend has always been a customer driven company, we focus our efforts on providing the highest quality products with attentive after sales service and support, that ensures total customer satisfaction. The corporate culture that exists within Transcend is one of professionalism and teamwork. As a declaration of our commitment to quality we implemented the Total Quality Control concept throughout the company, and became the first memory module manufacturer in Taiwan and the second in the world to receive ISO 9001 Certification. Transcend’s Advanced R&D Teams have over 25 years of experience in developing quality state-of-the-art Hi-Tech products that are at the very cutting edge of technology. Our commitment to R&D ensures that we will continue to produce superior quality innovative products keeping us at the forefront of our industry and leaving the competition far behind.




    Sam Nicko

    Nice review Joe ^^


    You say “Here we see that the 380G registered with a sequential write speed of 21.4MB/s and a read of 5.3MB/s.”, but according to the screenshot it’s 21.4 read and 5.3 write.

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