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Topower Tiger 1200W

Posted September 29, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Specifications & Package

From Topower:

  • Patented ATX 20+4 slide-in socket for motherboards supporting Intel and AMD multi-processors.
  • Patented +12V Single and Multiple Rail Switch
  • Easily convert extra SATA connectors to 4-pin Molex connectors.
  • 12 Serial ATA power lead for SATA devices
  • Patented EMI filter added to enhance video performance by stablizing the output current to video cards.
  • 6+2 PCI-Express pin design providing 300W power per rail.
  • Model: EP-1200W-P10-T2
  • 3 year warranty

The specifications are as follows:

  • AC Input: 115~240Vac, 50Hz~60Hz
  • DC Output: +3.3V, +5V+, +12V1, +12V2, +12V3, +12V4, +12V5, +12V6, -12V, +5VSB
  • Max Output Current: 30A, 30A, 20A, 20A, 20A, 20A, 20A, 20A, 0.5A, 6.5A, 200W, 1008W (84A)
  • Total Power: 1200W continuous

The Topower Tiger 1200W includes an Active Power Factor Correction feature to increase the efficiency.  Since AC Power oscillates continuously, Active PFC automatically adjusts for variances in the AC input voltage to ensure the power remains clean and stable, thus keeping peak efficiency and consistent output, and thereby protecting your computer in the process.

Normally we don’t spent too much time examining or discussing packaging but in this instance we’re making an exception. The reason is that the Topower Tiger 1200W is probably the best-packaged power supply we’ve ever seen; it’s a work of art really, not only in terms of what it looks like, but how it’s done. Trimmed out in a in a flashy black and blue box, it is complete with several photos on the box that show several major features, cables, and other such information.  But this isn’t what particularly stands out; what is unique is that the packaging itself is a box with drawers that slide out to reveal the unit itself and all the accessories in another, similar to a toolbox of sorts. It’s quite ingenious really, and very well-executed. While some people may not care about such design details, it does say something about the attention and quality that Topower is working to convey.

Needless to say, the box is packaged very well and snug, no worries about damage. The included accessories package is also very complete and well thought-out. In addition to the usual manual and screws, there are also several SATA-to-Molex inline converters (no worries about extra cables being needed) and an assortment of Velcro cabling straps in various colours.

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Topower Tiger 1200W
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Topower Tiger 1200W
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Topower Tiger 1200W
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Topower Tiger 1200W

Topower has done an excellent job here so far, let’s dive in and take a closer look, there are a couple more surprises in store.

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