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TN Film, MVA, PVA and IPS ? Which one’s for you?

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Hopefully this article has proved useful to potential buyers who are finding choosing a TFT a rather complicated task. One of the main factors to consider when choosing a new screen based on performance is understanding which panel is being used, and how it might fit your requirements, all of which is covered in this guide. Price, features and design should not be overlooked, but you need to try and ensure the screen will perform to your needs in every day use.

While TN Film is more than suitable for most users and does have the added bonus of reduced response times (gamers a hoy! ~ed), other technologies including MVA, PVA and IPS can offer a more rounded and in some cases, superior performance. This often comes at a price, of course. Once you understand which technology is going to be more suited to your use, other aspects such as screen size and feature set may well become the deal breaker.

These days bigger screens are becoming more common and affordable, and certainly offer advantages for multimedia use, especially when combined with additional interfaces such as HDMI. However, don’t always assume bigger is better since other aspects such as resolution, for example, can remain the same, and panel technology selection is often limited in the 22″ and 27″ screen ranges.

There are a great deal of new screen sizes being introduced this year, and with modern improvements such as enhanced CCFL and LED backlighting, we can expect some very positive changes in the TFT market in the coming year.


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