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Titan Fenrir Siberia

Posted May 16, 2012 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The Titan Siberia moves in a new design direction for CPU coolers, one that we rarely see, with dual fans that are seated in opposing directions on the motherboard. A vertical fan creates the downward cooling for the CPU and motherboard components, while the vertical fan helps dissipate the heat and further improve efficiency with the numerous heatpipes. It’s the best of both worlds in a way, though we know that downward-facing and non-direct touch coolers are not the absolute best design for peak cooling perfrmance.

That said, the Siberia had no problems keeping temperatures on a 6-core CPU in check, even with a moderately aggressive overclock. The other adjacent motherboard components benefitted from the airflow across the board, and it certainly helped airflow inside the test case. The aesthetics are also very nice, a strong look with the white-bladed fans. Installation was also very straightforward and easy, though we do recommend removing the motherboard.

Keep in mind that the Titan Siberia is not what I would call massive, but it is very tall. It is also especially wide enough to pose a problem on some of the smaller cases I have seen, but posed no problems at all on my mid-tower. I had plenty of room to close the door. The placement of the rubber vibration tabs when mounting the fans was a little tricky, and took a bit of re-doing to get it right, but was otherwise easy.
All the cables including the Y cable are very well sleeved in black. The PWM control is a nice addition and a big plus allowing you greater control of your fans.

Priced at $90 USD, the Siberia is rather expensive though, and that’s probably the biggest stumbling block for most potential buyers. There are a few other exceptional coolers on the market in that price range, and people expect the very best in this price bracket, no question. We can’t say the Siberia produces the best temperature results out there, but it is a good all-around cooler that runs very quiet and provides reasonable thermal performance for most situations.

If you’re looking for a new cooler and don’t expect the absolute top overclocks, but want a quiet setup with appealing and sleek looks, take a good look at the Titan Siberia, we think it’s definitely worth consideration.

Titan Siberia



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