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Titan Dragonfly 4 CPU Cooler Review

Posted December 2, 2013 by Kenny in Cooling







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Slim Design, Silent operation.


15mm fans limits choices on second fan for push/pull
If you are looking for a slim profile and silent operating CPU Cooler Titan has hit the spot with the Dragonfly 4 CPU Cooler.
by Kenny
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To sum things up on the Titan Dragonfly 4 CPU Cooler let’s first talk about its aesthetics. When it came to its looks the Dragonfly wasn’t fancy with all the aesthetic bells and whistles, though the cooler’s fin design was quite unique. The slim profile makes this cooler look small, but in fact its actually quite tall. The ability to support 120mm fans is a great feature, the only draw back with this design being the slim 15mm fan. While the fan provided works great, 15mm slim fans are very limited on the market and finding additional fans to use the provided clips for a push/pull configuration is difficult, limiting your choices. We feel that if they would have provided clips for standard 25mm fans we would see this cooler being quite popular. While we can understand why Titan decided to use 15mm fans, we still feel that with 25mm fans installed there would still be plenty of room for clearance on either side.

When it came to its performance, the Titan Dragonfly 4 CPU Cooler performed quite well at its stock settings with Turbo enabled. We peaked at 70C under load with stock settings and with the 4770K overclocked to 4.4GHz we peaked at 90C. While this is seemingly quite high for most folks, it’s really not bad considering its size and the heat Haswell produces. After all, we did push this tiny 25mm thick cooler exceptionally hard with our overclock.

When it came to looking for the availability of this cooler online, we found it pretty hard. We looked at a lot of popular online stores like Newegg, Amazon, TigerDirect, FrozenCPU and other retailers and came up with no results. So while this cooler is a good performer, we found it difficult to locate for purchase.

So overall we give the Titan Dragonfly 4 CPU Cooler a Great Value. At the price point of $39.99 (waiting on price clarification from Titan, the review will be updated to reflect the exact price) you can’t go wrong here. Other than the minor gripe on the fan applications and the limited availability from online retailers, we feel Titan may have developed a winner here for those not looking to spend a lot of money.

Before we come to a end here with the Titan Dragonfly 4 CPU Cooler Review, Titan was nice enough to send us one of there Desktop accessories. Let’s jump forward and take a look at this really quick.

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