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Thrustmaster F1 & F430

Posted February 1, 2010 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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What we look for in a products like these is how they enhances the gaming experience, either by making it more comfortable or somehow making gaming actions more precise and proficient. The F1 and F430 both did this for me while playing a FPS style games but the F1 fell slightly short in a flight sim whereas the F430 absolutely excelled.  Again, it may be personal preference but I found the 430 slightly more precise for slow-action movements.

Aesthetically speaking, these controllers are very stylish, and in keeping with the Ferrari theme, the F1 was designed after the F60, while the F430 was an inspired design from Andy Warhol’s take of the racing world Ferrari 430 Challenge. Whether this matters to you is personal preference, but the fact that the time and thought has been taking to this degree in their design is notable. Both are unique in their own ways and carry the Ferrari moniker as well as their own individual license plate numbers, a nice little touch.

At a price of approximately $40 for the wired version and about $50 for the wireless controller.  These isn’t cheap, but these Thrustmaster controllers aren’t built cheaply either.  They have sharp aesthetics, great build quality, and comfort; all things considered the price is decent. The sweaty-palmed hardcore console gamer will definitely appreciate these controllers, and I would certainly recommend these gamepads to PC gamers. If having a gamepad gives you an advantage in rough gaming situations then these two controllers may very well be for you.

Thrustmaster F1 & F430

Thanks to Thrustmaster for providing the F1 and F430 for this review.



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