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Thermaltake Xaser VI

Posted March 15, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The market for enthusiast products has been reaching new heights in recent times, and as the demand gets larger, so too does the size of the products.  In years past graphics cards only came in a single slot design, power supplies were all the same size and hardly anyone needed a case bigger than your standard ATX form factor.  Well, those days are now behind us because now our builds consist of PSUs that reach upwards of 220mm, multiple dual slot graphics cards, and heatsinks that just won’t fit into many standard ATX cases.  When you are going big on your next build, it should only be natural that you should have a case that is big enough to hold your hundreds (or in some cases thousands) of dollars of big components.

The folks over at Thermaltake saw, that for some builds, even full tower cases were no longer big enough to get the job done.  Seeing this need, they sought to correct this problem, by creating a “Super Tower” case.  The case to solve the growing need for more space comes to us in the form of the Thermaltake Xaser VI Super Tower case.

But, history has shown us that bigger does not always equal better.  Which would lead one to think: “Ok, it’s big. Does it have the features I need for my next build, or is it just an over-sized box I can put my system in?”  Well, these are the types of questions that we hope to answer today.

We would like to thank our friends at Thermaltake for supplying us with the review sample.

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