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Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate 360mm LCS Review

Posted September 24, 2014 by Kenny in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $139.99


Top Performer among CLC system tested, Great Simplistic Design, 50% Larger cooling surface compared to popular CLC units.


Fans Loud at Full Speed
While Thermaltake did take a leap forward in providing the first 360mm radiator CLC system in the market, in our eyes... this is still an Asetek unit so there isn't any big innovation here. However, because its performance being the king of the hill on our list at the moment, Thermaltake has given other CLC makers a run for their money with a simplistic design and great overall performer.
by Kenny
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Package and Contents

When it comes to the package, Thermaltake has always taken a solid approach with its marketing. While they don’t use anything flashy, the artwork on the front gets the point across. We have the basic information on the front such as product model and image of the cooler.

Package 1

At the rear of the package they go into a bit more detail and break down the features for good at a glance information. They also include an example of the cooling performance you should be expecting.

Package 2

Once inside, we find a tightly packed brown divider box. This holds the cooler, the fans and the other accessories for safe transport.

Package 3

While this unit does not include any software, we have the instruction manual for installation. These coolers are typically pretty easy to install, but it’s always a good idea to take a glance at the manual to make sure you have all the correct parts. This will help in case you realize later that you might be missing something.

Content 1

With its accessories package out of the box, we find all the essentials we need for most of today’s modern sockets and motherboard platforms. We have both Intel and AMD installation hardware as well as all the screws and adapters needed for installation. The Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate is compatible with the following sockets:

LGA 2011
LGA 1366
Core i7
LGA 1150/1155/1156

FM2+ /FM2 / FM1
AM3+ / AM3
AM2+ / AM2

Content 2

Thermaltake has included as part of the CLC kits 3x 120mm PWM fans. These are the same fans we found in the earlier Water 3.0 kits and have proven to perform great. The black housing with its white blades make for a great aesthetic appeal. The detailed specifications of the fans are as follows:

Dimension : 120 x 120 x 25mm
Speed : 1000~2000RPM
Noise Level : 20 dBA
Rated Voltage : 12V
Max. Air Flow : 99 CFM
Connector : 4 Pin

Content 3


With the package and content overview complete, let’s move forward and take a look at the detailed specifications of the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate LCS.

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